Highlonesome – Linda Orick

A memorial service was held Sat. March 23rd for Tom Mitchell at Garrison Church. He was a member there. They had lots of food at the potluck after the service. A very large crowd attended. His nephew, young Jon Mitchell, sang a song and he and his Dad, Jon, Sr. officiated. He, Tom, and family used to live where young Jon lives now on T Highway. To the old timers, it’s the Buck Johnson place. Each generation has their name for a place, usually.

Get well wishes sent to all the sick. I talked to Melissa Hutchison. She is feeling better. Lisa Hampton is not well, and Rev. Bally Johnson all need our prayer. 

People will be getting in the mood for mushrooms, wild greens and white bass. James and David Halcomb went fishing last week. I took fish to the Mitchell memorial and have plenty to eat and enjoy. I love fish eggs. Wash them and roll them in corn meal. But I could not convince Carl Hampton to try them. Joe Rozell’s daughter Tracy Stepp loved them. And Tom Crane, I have heard, really likes them. After all, an egg is an egg. But somethings I wouldn’t try and one would be a snake egg.

Levi Johnson visited us recently and was talking about how Ben Herd had dozer work done. It sure looks different. 

We met George and Bo Morrison and visited with them.

James and I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. I fried them some fish that their son, David and James caught. Remember the Halcombs in your prayers.

Doug Nelson had breakfast with his uncle, Jerry Nelson, and daughter, Juanita Powell.

James and I went with Rex and Shirley to Springfield. She had a test done. She recently got sick, had to go by ambulance to the hospital. Her doctor wanted a test done. The test came back normal.

I talked to our niece, Shelly Parkham. Her brother-in-law, Ed Murray, had surgery for skin cancer. It sounded like quite the procedure.

The coyotes are plentiful. Our dog Sally does a lot of barking and you see them night and day. We had three come up close to the house. Sally has a certain area she guards.

James and Linda Orick and Rex and Shirley Halcomb took Easter flowers to the cemetery and got the Christmas flowers. We need to get some new Easter flowers. Shirley and I try to keep flowers ahead for the occasions.

Bob and Lou Rains are moving back to Garrison. Rex visited the Rains a few minutes in Ozark.

March 31st, we attended Eastern Gate Church. It was good to see Irene. She had not been feeling good.

Rev. Jon Mitchell brought a good message and they had good singing. And we went the last two Sundays there.

Monday is April Fools Day and lots of pranks will be played.

Easter is late this year. Just remember what it is all about. 

Family gatherings and vacationing is great, but sometimes I think we forget what Easter and Christmas is all about. And Thanksgiving Day is another great day, we should remember what it stands for.