Gentryville – Ella May Daugherty

Thursday evening April 18th, we’ve had rain here at Gentryville most of the day and it’s rather cool. Everything is sure blooming out. I have two lilac bushes bloomed and the redbuds and dogwoods are beautiful.

On Saturday the 13th, there were a group of 46 relatives and friends at the home of Ann Collins to help celebrate her birthday, which was actually the 16th. Visitors of hers since then were Roy and Pam Couch, Yevette and Marvin Cromwell, Billy Hurst, Cheryl Sartor and Christ Hartzell, who spent from Tues. morning until Wed. evening with her.

Recent visitors of Bertha and Dean Scherer were Sirena and Jonah Melton, Cole, Izzy, Luna, and Hope. Karen and Doug Fredrick visited one evening and Dean fried fish.

Several people have been finding mushrooms, and I hear the ticks are bad.

Trish visited me Wed. and brought little Brandon.

Thought for the day: God gives me hope of new beginnings.

Have a wonderful Easter and God bless.