Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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In our Sunday School class, we learned how important it is to remember the true gospel and our commission is to give encouragement to all who seek to follow Jesus.

Happy Anniversary went out to Joie and Stacy Welker. A good crowd attended our Easter sunrise service and breakfast. Our special was a reading by Narvil Tetrick.

Remember in your prayers this week. Joan Burdoll who is taking some tests at the hospital, and it was good to see Narvil and Beverly Tetrick back in church today, Beverly still needs your prayers and also Diane Allison was in service after her surgery. We have so much to be thankful for.

We had several visitors for service. It was nice having my family joining me in service. Kevin and Cindy Reich, Keith Reich, Hannah and Adam Stewart, Keaton Reich and his fiance` Kelsey Eltringham.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from Matthew 28 and Acts 26. Christ endured the nails and suffering of the cross for us all. He paid our sin debt and he defeated it all. He is risen to give us life eternal