Black Jack – Carol Murdy

Following prayer, our service this Sunday, April 7, 2019, continued with the reading of Psalms 23. The adult Sunday School class finished the study of Matthew 6 reiterating that our walk with God must be real, from the heart. Otherwise, we are hypocrites before Him, pretenders of obedience and without godly love. It is our choice whom we serve. Not choosing God is choosing the world and the things of it. The Word declares that we must by saved by the blood of the Lamb to have life eternal with the Father. Jesus Christ is the one and only way to salvation.

Jesus tells us that we are not to be anxious or worry about our needs for we are complete in Him. We are to cast our cares upon Him and rest in His provisions. His ways are perfect and right on time. Jeremiah 29 is God’s declaration that His thoughts toward us are good and not of evil. Trust in Him. Daily prayers gives the inner man strength and arms us against temptations so that we are not moved by them.

Following our worship service, Pastor Vic Murdy preached on the disobedience of man and its consequence. In 1 Samuel 15, we read where God choose and lifted up Saul as King. But Saul obeyed God’s will in part only. The prophet Samuel declared in verse 22 that “to obey is better than sacrifice..”  Saul repented, but for a season and lost his kingship.  

Moses was chosen by God and led the Jewish nation from the captivity of Egypt, through divided waters of the Red Sea, throughout the wilderness and to Mount Sinai where God gave him the ten commandments twice. But Moses failed to obey the direction of God, striking a rock from which God supplied water for man and creatures. Everybody was happy but God, for  Moses was to speak to the rock, not strike it. Moses’  anger at the demands and pressures from the people culminated in this act of disobedience that caused him to miss entering into the promised land. God did allow Moses to see it afar before taking him home.  (Numbers 20)

Luke 6:46 reads “why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?”  Verse 47-8, “whosoever cometh to me and heareth my sayings and doeth them….” is likened unto a man who built his house upon a rock, having  ‘digged deep’ the foundation thereof. It will stand against the storms of life. Jesus forgave the adulterous woman brought before Him but cautioned her to “go and sin no more”. So it is for all who come before Him and repent of sin.  Jesus showed His love for us in dying in our place for sin upon the cross. We show our love for Him in obedience to Him. Sin carries the same consequence as it separates us from God.  

God is all wisdom; why does man continue to think we can improve upon the perfection of the Almighty God?  His written word is God speaking to us, directing us, teaching us.  Changing the Bible is not changing what God has already established.  God is God and He changes not.

April 14 – This Psalm Sunday, was yet another grand day the Lord has blessed us with.  Opening prayer and the reading of Psalms 25 began our service followed by special prayers around the altar. We discussed “judge not that  ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1-6) in Sunday School. Romans 14:l0 reads that we will stand before the judgment seat of Christ.  Verse 2 of Matthew 7 tells us that we will meet with the judgment by which we judge others. The condition of our heart must always be based in love in all that we do including reproving another, trying to save one from sin.  If we know the intent of another to sin and do not try to dissuade them, then we become partakers of their sin. Judging another can be based on our ill nature or be a product of our jealousy. If we find ourselves judging another, we will do ourselves a service to examine the motives of our heart. Romans 2:21 reads “physician heal thyself”.  Remove the mote from our own heart so that we more clearly see.

Following worship, Pastor Vic Murdy preached from Luke 19 beginning with verse 28 as Jesus begins His final journey to Jerusalem.  He knows what awaits Him but presses forward. He knows that salvation for all will be accomplished if He continues to fulfill His purpose upon the earth.  He had recently raised Lazarus from the dead, calling him forth from the tomb in which he had been placed to rest four days earlier. Jesus commanded death to loose him. When we accept Christ as savior, He commands death to loose its hold on us as well.  

Many followed Jesus to Jerusalem having witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus or heard of it. Jesus sent two disciples into a village near Jerusalem to fetch a colt upon which no man had ridden.  Clothing was laid  upon the donkey.  In its pathway, clothing and  palm branches were laid to honor the forthcoming King. At the descent of Mount Olives, “ the whole multitude of disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord…” (verses 37, 38). Some pharisees amongst the multitude rejected this adoration despite the fact that this was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9. In verse 41 we read where Jesus wept for Jerusalem and its forthcoming destruction because  they had not known the time of His visitation. How He also weeps for each of us who reject Him  when He knocks on the door of our hearts offering salvation over death. The devil would have us all wait a little longer to decide or just forget the entire matter. Of course!    He wants only to steal us from our Creator, our God.  But God will not always strive with man.  

Please join us Sunday mornings at l0:00 am for service  Pastor Murdy can be reached at 4l7-543-3659.  God is merciful and long suffering.  But there will be a time when He quits offering the gift of eternal life in heaven. How will you know which time will be the last time He knocks?