Red Bank – Alice Lirley

March 11, 2019 – Hello everyone. Well, how do you feel now that your day has been, officially, sprung forward?  I feel a little more fatigued because I have put in one more hour of labor and lost one more hour of sleep.  Maybe that is my fault, but it feels like fact.  I’m a little aggravated  that it is still dark when I awaken to begin my day.  Oh, don’t mind me; I guess I’m still a little grumpy about the whole thing.

Because of bad weather and that ole flu bug doing its thing, we have had to dismiss Church at Red Bank for the past few Sundays. But, this Sunday, we did have Sunday School and worship service. It felt great to be back in the House of the Lord and worship Him together.  Opening the worship service by leading in the singing of hymns was Gary Lirley.  He also welcomed everyone. It was announced that the monthly Praise service would be held that evening at 7.  A time for prayer requests was provided, and each request given was lifted to the Lord in prayer. Providing special music were Abigail Cunningham, Kayla Cunningham and Eloise Hallmark.  

Bringing the morning message was Justin Cunningham. Taking scripture from Genesis 2 and 3, Brother Justin reminded us how knowledgeable Satan is about God’s Word. 

To combat falling prey to Satan’s constant lies, Brother Justin referred us to  Ephesians 6: 11, “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Visiting with Jeane Huff last week was her son, Danny Hampton.  She said that he also brought her a load of wood to burn for heat on these cold, cold days.  

Visiting in our home this weekend was Ken Lupton.

Visiting with Maxine Lirley was Jeane Huff, Joyce Baxter, Ralph Laughlin and Gary and Alice Lirley.  Gary and I found Maxine busily working on her word puzzle when we arrived.  We later found a table in the dining hall where we could enjoy visiting with her over a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade.  She said  that earlier in the day, she had a great time singing hymns as Norma Stilling played the piano for her.  Maxine always had a beautiful voice and used it many times to lead others in singing.  She not only knows gospel music by heart, but she also memorized many of the old country, western songs  that were popular in her younger days when people used to sing and play instruments for their past-time activities. Now all one can find people doing for past time is watching TV or checking their phones for Facebook or Twitter messages.  I remember spending time in the summer with my grandmother who lived in a log house, sitting every afternoon on one of her real feather beds singing songs; both gospel and country western. My Uncle Ernie accompanied us on his guitar and sang along too. I was about 12 years old then.  One of her favorite songs to sing was called, “Tramp on the Street.” Those were the days that I cherish greatly!

Well folks, that’s all the news for now.  Take care and take time from this ole busy world we live in to sing and to pray.  Those are the things of life that will do the most good and  ease our minds from the stress of the world around us.