Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

Feb. 27, 2019 – Well, hello again. I hope too many of you don’t fall on your ice. Ha! Walt’s grand daughter, Candi, has a little sign that says that on it, and Walt and I have always thought it was cute. We’re still having terrible weather just like so much of the U.S.A. We’re supposed to get more freezing rain sometime today and it gets on the snow that’s already there, and just about too dangerous for us to get out. I broke two of my toes just here in the house, and there’s no telling what I might break out there on the ice. I’m wearing Walt’s cleats on my boots that Anita gave to Walt after he fell last winter on his ice because he won’t wear them.  Anita ordered me another pair, so then I will give these back to Walt and maybe glue them on his boots so he has to wear them.

I thought for sure I would have an article in the last paper, but I guess I didn’t get it in the mail soon enough. (again). I got a call from my son-in-law in Muscatine and he said they’re getting ice, rain, and snow, and all of it right now. The sun is trying to shine here, but I don’t think it’s gonna make it through the clouds. We’ve been trying to find a day almost all winter where we can go to Davenport to Walt’s bank and so far we haven’t been able. So yesterday we thought we would try it. But the wind was blowing hard all day Sunday and they kept saying on T.V. how bad the snow was blowing and drifting and some of the roads and highways were closed. So yesterday, Walt went out to warm the car up and he came back in and said we weren’t going anyplace because it was so cold he thought he couldn’t stand it out there and wanted me to feel his hand and see how cold it was and I asked him where his gloves were and he said, “They’re in my coat pocket.” 

His son, Randy Allison is a truck driver and he called Sunday and said he was spending the night at the big truck stop on I-80 about half-way between here and Davenport, because he was headed for Omaha and the interstate was closed over there. He told us to stay in and not get out for anything. I’m getting cabin fever, or maybe I should say “apartment fever” but I don’t want to go out in the weather. We’ve been catching a day about once a week or so to go and get groceries and we both had appointments with our eye doctors. 

I’d like to say “Hi” to Mitch Allison in Ava, MO, if he reads the paper, from Walt and me. We keep thinking we’ll call him sometime but  never have. His sister, Renee, gave us his phone number and we’ve seen his picture in the Herald at least twice.

Well, I finally found out who Tattie Maggard is to us. I should have asked Edna Mae first, because she knows who our relatives are. I’ve lost track of the younger ones who were born after I moved away. She said Tattie is the granddaughter of Edna’s brother, Melvin. Melvin was my double first cousin, the same as Edna is. I couldn’t ask Edna before because she was in the hospital in bad shape. Thank God she finally got to come home, but she can’t do anything for a long time. I sure was worried about her.

It’s too bad when people start to getting older and everything starts happening to them. (Hurry up spring!)

I hope Tattie doesn’t mind too much that I’ve been trying to find out who she is. Good luck on your books.

I trust you, Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other. Bye bye for now.