Greetings From… Delaware, OH

By Michael Boyink /

We were almost ready.

Delaware, OH

We’d made room in the house for a new renter. We had forwarded our mail. We’d adjusted our insurance polices.

Our new-used RV was in the driveway. It had new tires, a repainted bumper, and a re-caulked roof. We had stocked it with new furniture, freshened-up wardrobes, and wireless internet gear.

We’d lined up sponsors. Scheduled work-related meet-ups. Revised our training materials. 

MsBoyink had planned a route. The route had options. The options had options. We had laptops, smartphones, a GPS, and printed road atlases to help us decide.

It was September, and we’d been planning our family adventure since the previous Christmas. We’d checked off a hundred items on a dozen to-do lists. 

Then a friend said, “The adventure begins when the plans fail.”  

Pithy, but we were confident. 

We hitched up the RV. We took pictures. Then I drove out while MsBoyink took video of the kids waving from the truck windows.

The plan was to drive out of Michigan and get somewhere we’d never been.

Thirty miles down the road, the “Check Engine” light came on.

Our plan hadn’t lasted an hour.

We spent the first night of our  adventure in my in-law’s driveway. I had the truck looked at the next morning. A couple hours later we launched again.

Already behind, we drove longer to make up the miles. 

It started raining. 

We arrived at the campground as darkness fell.

Only there wasn’t a campground. I had entered the address wrong on the GPS. 

After an hour of backtracking in the dark, we found the actual campground. 

We registered and drove to our campsite. I spent another hour backing the RV in and out while MsBoyink and the kids waved flashlights around like airport ground crew members.

We rolled into bed exhausted. We questioned our sanity.

I didn’t sleep well. I was up before dawn, worried about how this day was going to go.

The dark sky began to turn blue. I grabbed my camera and headed out.

Looking back, God’s message that morning is clear:

“Be still. Be calm. Yes, the new day holds adventure. But leave the plan to Me.”

Alum Creek State Park is 30 minutes north of Columbus, Ohio. The park features camping, fishing, biking and more. Visit for details.

Sunrise over Alum Creek Lake at Alum Creek State Park.