Gainesville – Sherri Beasley

What a busy and exciting week. Jami spent Monday decorating for Mardi Gras, and we sampled a few of the pralines; another batch of pralines had to be made before the party. Tuesday, we started our Mardi Gras party at 10:30 a.m. with music, wigs, masks, and, of course, beads. Charlotte Holmes and Pam Ogden came in to help with the Mardi Gras party; we promised not to ask them where all the beads came from! Charlotte and Pam are always so energetic. We love it when they visit. We served a delicious purple punch, a king cake dip with graham crackers and vanilla wafers, cupcakes that had jewelry toppers and pralines. Each year we fill a piñata with candy, jewelry, noise makers, and beads, then hang it on a lift and take turns trying to break it open. Let me tell you, piñatas are not easy to break. Butch Baxter was one of the first ones to give it a shot, then Billy Barnett, Dorcas Rackley, Delphia Holmes, Carol Lease, Edna Hannaford, Sheila Dunn, Ida Mae Huse, C.L. Sapp, and several other residents hit the piñata. Jami and a few other employees took turns at the piñata. We finally broke it in half, and scattered candy, rings, toys, and beads all over the floor. Louisiana hot crab dip, crackers, and gumbo were served to day shift and evening shift employees, along with the leftover punch and desserts. We also had a special guest, Cowboy Rick Hamby. Rick gave everyone a copy of his book, “The Last Stage to Matador.” The donated books were a gift from Century Bank. Cowboy Rick’s horse and dog entertained all of us a few years ago, and we would love for him to visit us again when the weather warms up. 

Jami and Savannah entertained us with Karaoke Friday. Jackie Benton, Delphia, Dorcas, Billy, C.L., Don Harden, and many others enjoyed listening to and singing along with Savannah and Jami. Friday afternoon, John Humbert had another big crowd listening to him play the piano. Music brings us all together, even our residents that don’t participate in other activities join in when music is involved.

Our Red Hat Tea is on the 13th.  We have several fashionable red hats and a pink hat for those ladies under 50. 

Our St. Patrick’s Day party is on the 15th at 10:30 a.m. 

Frontier General Baptist provided church service for us on March 3rd and Lutie True Hope provided church service on the 10th. Jehovah’s Witness held their weekly Bible study on the 5th and Brother Dale Roberts stopped by throughout the week to visit with everyone.

We didn’t have any resident birthdays to celebrate this week but Arnie Schmekel celebrated a birthday on the 2nd, and Robin Strong celebrated a birthday on the 9th. We also would like to welcome Kirsta Cofer and Jill Neal to our dietary department and Michael Foster to our nursing department. Welcome to our team. 

Our February employees of the month were announced on the 3rd. February’s employees are Frances Loftis, dietary, Jerry Lane, Housekeeping, Larissa Johnson, CNA, and Karen VanPelt, CNA.