Church of the Living God – Bevy Moore

Wednesday evening Bible Study was on “Prayer” using Scriptures Matthew 6:5-10.

Sunday morning, we had 24 in attendance. Bro. Don Lunn opened the morning service with Rom. 6:23.  Sis. Linda Roberts led the Sunday School lesson from Heb. 9:11-28.

I sang “Getting Used to the Dark”, Sis. Linda Sang “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before.”

Anniversary celebration this week was Doy & Amy Porter.

Pastor Gary brought the morning message, continuing “The Mind, Your Thoughts.” 2 Cor. 10:5, Psa. 149:1, 144:9, 147:1, 1:48, 20:46, 150:1, Deut. 32:31, & Psa. 18:31. What you see & hear will cause a reaction later on in some way. Take music for an example, it captivates, whether good or bad. “As with all of God’s gifts, Satan has turned music into one of his most powerful weapons to deceitfully capture & destroy.”

Sunday evening Bro. Donn Lunn brought the message about “Love” with Scriptures from 1 John 4:7-21.

Sis. Linda sang “I’m Gonna Sing”, Dan Garner, Rayonna & Rachel sang “My Real Home”, & Danny Fleetwood, Rayonna & Rachel sang “The Old Country Church.”

Special prayer requests this week are for Dade Forrest, Ruby Graham, Don Lunn, Tammy Hinrichs, Helga Emerick, Don Reed, Tiffany West, Della Monroe, Ethil Lane, Ellie Doran, Mary Brooks, Kendra Neal, & Cindy Fleetwood.

Next Sunday morning at 11:00 we will be having the group “Shine” with us to minister in song & music. Service times are Sunday School at 10:00, Sunday morning worship at 11:00, Sunday evening service at 6:00, & Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7:00. We are located on the corner of Norman St. & Hampton Ave. (NW 7th & 7th).

Pastor Gary Moore 417-543-3785, Associate Pastor Don Lunn 417-683-1413.

Something to think about: What if your every thought was displayed on a big screen TV for everyone to see?! Well, it really is, on God’s. He sees it all!