Caney News – Janice Lafferty

March 6 – I for one, sure hope the ice and snow is done for a while.

We certainly have missed several services. Caney met Wednesday evening to praise the Lord and study his Word.

Bro. Jack Essary took the service asking for prayer requests/praise reports. We have lots of concerns and are thankful He hears and answers. Bro Hi Lambeth led in prayer.

Jack read Isaiah 43. If we trust and try to follow God, we have nothing to fear. There is only one God. There will be no other. He is our savior. He will not remember our sins when we ask forgiveness. We should be working for the Lord and thanking Him for His blessings.

We had a good discussion and a time of learning.

Sis. Melba Austin taught our youth a good lesson.

Sunday School began with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Sis. Elsie Combs took our concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Bro. Jack read Philippians 3:7-16 for our devotion.

We should press forward to Christ. Walking with Christ to show others His love and promises.

We had a very good Sunday School lesson. Happy Birthday was sung to Jack Essary. Praise/worship began with a time of testimony from Jim Lafferty and Jeff Shipley.

Service continued in congregational singing.

Special music by Melissa Harmon. 

Bro. Jack brought the message today. His scripture was Acts 17. We should be about God’s business telling others of Christ. We need to be excited about telling, preaching Christ. He is the one and only God. He is not an unknown God. He commands all to repent because He has appointed a day when He will judge the world.

A message from the Word of God.

Sunday evening we began service with singing. Bro. Bill Austin welcomed everyone Bro. Hi Lambeth led in prayer. Special music offered by Kathleen Chaney.

Bro, Jim Lafferty took the pulpit this evening. His scripture John 7:17, Luke 12:42-48. Do the will of the Father. Don’t be willfully ignorant of His Word. We will be blessed when we do God’s will. The Lord is coming soon. Will He find  you working for Him? We must have a willing working heart and mind dedicated to serving the Lord, We will be held accountable. Another message from God’s Word.

Sis. Melba taught our youth a good lesson.

We had a good day in the house of the lord. Come be with us at Caney. You are always welcome.