Gentry – Charlotte Reich

After opening service, in our Sunday School class, we studied how Jesus’ love and compassion is for everyone. The person of Faith will yield himself to God.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Pastor Comer and Hunter Clem. Special song was by a group that included Narvil Tetrick, Glenda Miller, Charlotte Reich, Brenda Hampel, and Wendell Deo.

In your prayers this week, keep in remembrance Joanne Welker, Barbara Comer, Rachel Potts, Steve Gidney, Jeannie Miller, Gary Harvil Family, Janice Young who is home from having a second arm surgery and the other requests brought forth.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from 1 Corinthians Chapter 1. Because of our sins, Jesus was nailed to the cross and died for us. He paid the price. True repentance is change.

In our evening service, the message was from Romans Chapter 15. God has high expectations for  us. We as his children, He wants us to succeed and He blesses us. The joy of the Lord is our strength.