Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

January 16, 2019, Hello again: They say if you don’t know anything to talk about, you can always talk about the weather. We’ve been getting our worst weather on the weekends. Starting today (on Wednesday), it’s supposed to start snowing some everyday. On Friday night and Saturday, it is supposed to be more, and then changing to bitter cold and windy. Sunday is supposed to be 2º for the high with the wind. I sure hope we don’t have to go anywhere until the weather gets better again. I can’t even hardly stand to think about family members being out in it. 

Lisa runs the truck (I don’t know the names – they’ve got plows on them), but when it snows, she has to run one of them with the plow on it and plow the snow and sometimes (maybe always) before it snows to put the stuff down that they use before it snows to treat the roads. It’s one good thing I suppose: it’s warm inside the truck. And my grandson, Jared, has to drive into Blue Grass to work and he lives a ways south of Muscatine. 

I think this is the weekend for Anita, Jared, and Carrie to have off. They worked it where they work every other weekend, and all have the same weekend off in case there’s something going on they want to attend. And in the summertime, they  go on weekend trips to different lakes and places and take their kayaks. I think it was last summer they went to Lake Ontario. Then, once to a big lake in southern Iowa. And sometimes they go to a lake just south of Muscatine where they made a big lake out of one of the sand and gravel pits. Those things are deep. I used to fish for crappie there in spring. I wouldn’t go out on a lot of water in a kayak. I’m a coward. Especially involving deep water, because I can’t swim very well. 

When I first saw the Atlantic Ocean, I was cautious about getting out in it because I’d never seen an ocean before, and the friend I was with had been in the Navy ten years  and of course, on the ocean, so he laughed at me. There were signs saying “Beware of Killer Waves.” So I was standing by the ocean and all of a sudden the waves came in and surrounded me, so it didn’t take long for me to get out of them, and he thought that was really funny. But I didn’t. It sure was pretty though.

Well, after Christmas and after the kids were here, I found some things I wanted to give them in their Christmas presents and had forgotten about. That usually happens anymore. So I guess I will still wrap them up and give to them when I get a chance. Maybe after the weather gets better. 

And I’ve been saying it’s been a year since I saw Lisa, but I had forgotten when she came up here one day last year to help me with some housework. I still haven’t seen her to give her the birthday gifts, and that was in June, plus I put in some things for Christmas. 

I was reading the Highlonesome News about Tattie Maggard’s book she’s writing and wondering who she is. I kind of think she’s married to one of my first cousins. She sure is pretty and I’m sure her book will do good. 

I keep thinking I’ll write a book about my life story, and just don’t get started. Some people have told me I should. And the “Willis Spring” brings back a lot of memories. I remember a long iron pipe coming out of it and anyone that came by it stopped and got a drink. I wish I had a drink of it now. 

I’d better say, “I trust you Jesus, and I believe in angels.” So take care of yourselves and each other, and bye-bye for now.