Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

 Everyone was so glad to be back in church, after a two week absence for nasty weather. It makes us appreciate the time spent in fellowship and study. It also makes a long week, so maybe this will be the last skip for a while. So thankful for the small group, but  such faithful ones we have.

We were also very happy Brother Charles was almost recovered from his bout with pneumonia, though still coughing. He read Isaiah 58, with the question,”What do you have to lose, when you come to Christ”. He skipped through the chapter with the wonderful things salvation brings, a very good message.

Pat Lansdown was seeing her doctor, Monday, with a good report on her recovery. They stopped by to have lunch and visit with brother, Paul, on their way home. He was feeling pretty well, which is always good to hear.

Some of the visitors Pat had while in the hospital were, Doug, Jadon and Kayley Lansdown, of West Plains, and Casey Guerin and girls, of Mt. Vernon. They had lunch in the city before returning home.  Ronnie was able to bring Pat home, Thursday.

Kristy Tackett, Joey Mishler and Steven Tackett, all of Joplin, spent Saturday and Sunday morning with Harold and Kay Hutchison. They enjoyed lots of food and fun playing with Joey.

Dan and Kim Clements came by the Hutchisons’ one evening.

 Kay Hutchison visited John and Jo Stephens one Sunday evening, recently. Also there were Max and Kathy Stephens and Eric.

Shaun and LeAnna Elliott, MaKayla, Logan, and Nora, had supper with Jewell Elliott, Thursday evening. Nora stayed and spent the night.