Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

We began our New Year, Sunday, with our pledges, singing and catching up on all the health and well being of our congregation. There were many to pray for, illnesses continue and those who have lost loved ones. Some have surgeries coming soon, pray for these for good outcomes.

Brother Charles read Luke 19, the story of the “wee” little man, Zacchaeus. If we all were as determined as he, we would not let these small excuses stop us from doing God’s work, or attending church. Brother Charles pointed out, we must rise above the world, to see Jesus. 

Dennis Shumate visited Jewell Elliott, Thursday.

Hellen Blakey has been under the weather, getting treatment for the beginning of pneumonia. Prayers for her.

Jewell Elliott had supper with Shaun, LeAnna and children, Thursday evening. 

Company for Harold and Kay Hutchison this past week has been Danny and Kim Clements, Dylan Clements and Frank Denney. James and Tammy Elliott enjoyed supper with Jewell, Saturday evening.

Pat and Ronnie Lansdown celebrated a belated Christmas Saturday, January 5th. Pat spent six days in the hospital during Christmas and is home now. They enjoyed having Jill O’Neal from Ada, OK, for four days; David and Casey Guerrin and girls from Mt. Vernon; and Doug, Kristy, Jadon and Kayley Lansdown from West Plains. The kids cooked, they ate lots, opened presents, and played games. Jeanne Cox spent Sunday at Ronnie’s visiting with Jill.