Little Creek – Ruby Satterfield

Well, the holidays are behind us, for a while at least. It was a  joyous time and I had to let my determination to enjoy make it so. But always on the back of my mind is the sadness, because two of my sons are no longer with us on holidays. And at the beginning of a brand new year, I’d like to wish each of you, my friends and family, a blessed 2019. May your resolutions be fulfilled and I hope and pray we’ll all be together next year.

And, at the beginning of my thoughts and news, I must send greetings to my cousin, James DeGase, who is in the Seymour nursing home. I am so sorry I haven’t written of this sooner. My excuse is I have neglected writing my news lately and I got caught up in the busy time of year. But James wants everyone to know where he is and that he likes company. Don’t neglect going because James is a fun guy to talk to.

I had James as my student when he was barely kindergarten age, so you see we have been friends many years. And James always liked my husband Joe, because he understood him and knew how to handle him. James always was the first to offer a helping hand when we were in need. James and I like to reminisce about the time he and others built us a house in a week, after we had our house burn and with no insurance. I have always considered James one of my best friends and kin. Be safe my friend and forgive me for not communicating sooner. I love you James. We’ve seen some good times together, haven’t we? And some bad. I’ll talk to you next week.

I went to Greg’s and Karen’s for Christmas with my family. We had Robbie, who is past 2 and just at the age when he has learned how wonderful it is to open presents. He was a joy all night ‘til he got sleepy. We missed those not with us.

And another event we all look forward to each year is the New Year’s Eve party hosted by my sister Jean and Jim Frye. They celebrate Christmas at this time too. Everyone goes to the Church house to be there to ring the bell at midnight. Tony sang and talked of the meaning of Christmas, and of resolutions, backed up in the Bible. I didn’t feel up to going over, but I hear from everyone that they enjoyed his message. Kevin said he was informed and impressed. Singing and bringing a message is Tony’s ministry. I pray encouraging prayers your way, Tony and Becky, because she is a partner in their walk with God. I so appreciate this sister and brother for an event everyone enjoys. I hope we are all together next year.

Now for some news of my visitors. I enjoyed immensely visiting with my sister Jo and niece Vickie one evening. Jo is back home and she had Chris and great grandson Wyatt visiting during their vacation.

Jo’s family had Christmas dinner together with Darold and Ruth Evans joining them. I was invited and wish I had gone.

My daughter, Karen and Nicole and Ashley, came by several times recently and Jean and Jo, my two sisters, came one morning for our special time together. I appreciate the gifts.

And one evening Joe Hartin came by unexpectedly but very welcome. Joe was in my home many times when he and Kasey were growing up. We talked of innocent fun times, not so long ago. 

Yesterday, Charley came by, with a Christmas card. He hadn’t been by in a couple of months. His age is curtailing his time away from home, as it is mine.

I appreciate you all for the Christmas cards, and forgive me for not sending any. I love you all and my many Facebook friends. You keep me motivated.

David Mark, Happy New Year. I enjoy your friendship and I delight at your posts. Send more.

Karen and Greg Evans spent Christmas with Greg’s mom, Norma, and his brother and their families. They at a good ‘ole fashioned breakfast together. Greg & Karen stopped by here later on Christmas Day.

Burl, my brother in Christ, stopped by pre-Christmas with many kinds of fruits. He is my loyal friend, but I have lost him on Facebook for some reason.

Happy New Year, Sue, Betty, Eunice, Lois, Norma, and all my many, most loved friends and family. And to Sandy Peacock who came by for a wonderful visit. I hadn’t seen Sandy since the last funeral we were together at. Sandy and a friend had been to Silver Dollar City and they were going to Sandy’s Aunt Sue’s in Ava from here. That was a nice Christmas surprise. 

If I have forgotten some news, please forgive me. I am very forgetful lately. I blame my age. I will be 90 if I live to April 23rd.

I enjoy you all who write in the paper and I read every word. Good Sunday evening!