Little Creek – Ruby Satterfield

Here it is, the beginning of a New Year, so I wish a Happy New Year and many more to all my friends and readers. I appreciate all of you. I loved all my Christmas cards and the written sentiments. I didn’t send cards, but I appreciate all your friendships and your cards year after year.

We all celebrated the birthday of our Lord reverently and joyously, with all my kids except Burr and Ruth, coming to Greg’s and Karen’s with food and gifts.

We had games with everyone participating except Kevin and Greg, and Nikki won the ugly sweater contest and got an appropriate gift, and we enjoyed Robbie, who is past two years and really into opening gifts. He is my great grandson and brother to my only great granddaughter, Allison.

Everyone thanks Greg for furnishing and cooking the turkey to perfection.

I am so thankful to have been given another year with my family and I am thankful that Jesus shed his blood for us to provide us with everlasting time together if we accept His gift.

Happy New Year to the Herald staff for the gift and thanks for allowing me to write news from Little Creek each week. 

Bless you, Lois and Rocky, Kathy and Monty, Sue, and all of you who wrote words of love and encouragement. I love you back.

I will write more next week. I must send love to Betty Burton and Linda and Rex in Arkansas, and my sweet friend Candy Lane, who I have been privileged to watch grow now with many years of friendship and love, and all my many friends and Facebook friends, many I have never known personally but they make my days go better. And I wish many years of togetherness to my kids. I appreciate you beyond words – your love and care. You all are my life.

Until next year, be happy and make others happy and love one another. And to all a good night.