Highlonesome – Linda Orick

Thursday, I visited a few minutes with my cousin, Connie Osburn – where else but Wal-mart in Ava.

Christmas Day, Bob & Gerty Harvill visited Loren and Hazel Maggard. They had spent Christmas Day and had dinner at Bob’s brother’s, Gary and Sandra Harvill and family.

Friday, we did not receive our Douglas County Herald. Now icy, so the mail man may not come. People on the Oldfield route are very tired of not receiving their paper. Feed Bag sells them and people don’t like late news. The West end of Douglas County is the last to get road service or anything that come along. Don’t tell me I don’t know because I have been in the same spot 66 years.

Ground hog day is around the corner. I hope the ole boy does not see his shadow. If he does, I will go by some of the ole timers Feb. 14th in MO, not Pennsylvania too far from Missouri anyway! Ha! And some folks plant lettuce on Feb. 14th.

I noticed Easter is pretty late this year.

Doug Nelson visited his uncle, Jerry Nelson and Juanita Wednesday. Jerry has not been feeling very well. Doug enjoys visiting them.

Sunday night at Garrison, three were saved and that’s always good news.

My knee is not improving as fast as I would like. Spring will be here and I don’t want to nurse a knee.

Farmers were buzzing around trying to get cattle took care of before the ice hit. And it hit. It is bad, but could have been worse Saturday. The roads are okay but it looks like winter wonderland. Look on the bright side, it’s pretty and so hard to believe it can cause so much damage.

Larry and Wanda Hutchinson celebrated her birthday by going to the new Mary Poppins movie and eating out. They visited with Buck Nelson and Stephanie was better and also Kenny Wiles. They were still in the hospital.

Bobbi Hicks came and took his mom, Barbara Day, to her home in Sparta Saturday. And Sarah, Loren Maggard’s grand daughter, took him and Hazel to her home in Sparta due to our electric outage.

Another lady, Louise (Coffer) Hampton, passed away. I sure enjoyed visiting her. I liked to hear her talk about things. Our elders are mighty few and here we are following in their steps. She and Preston had been married a long time –72 years. They had to give up their home and go to a nursing home. That’s hard on people when they can’t do what they want or live where they want to. She said last time I visited her they were going to have to make other arrangements. Good people and you hate to lose them out of the neighborhood. Graveside services Jan. 20 at Hall (Mound) Cemetery at 2 p.m.

Sunday evening, I enjoyed the ‘What About This?” by Wayne Cipriano. That was real good. Some say he writes above our head. In other words, above our knowledge. I think he is highly educated. And he lives not very far from us. He & wife, Rosalie are very nice people.

Connie Siler took her parents, Junior and Betty Halcomb for two appointments each. Her husband, John, and brother, David Halcomb, had to cut the big cedar tree’s limbs out of the gate to get the Halcomb’s SUV out. The ice here melted quick. Neighbor Jerry Nelson still had ice as of Monday. It went in strips. The ridge looks like winter ice wonderland on UU going north and T Highway. Going down Keltner Hill, ice melted and down toward the Feed Bag store.

Jan. 14, I finally got my Douglas County Herald. I wanted to read about Tattie Maggard. I had told Mr. Boyink about her. I am proud of her as she lives in Western Douglas County, Her maternal great grandmother, Stella Caudill, wrote Ongo column many years. Her other maternal great grandparents, Jim and Elvie Crow, joined my folks’ property here on Boulders Fork and still goes by the name of the Crow place to many of us. George Morrison owns it.

The Crow family and mine were real good friends. I don’t know Tattie’s grandparents, on her dad’s side.

Her books are interesting as she mentions Swan Creek, and has names I think I may know where they came from. Her husband, Jerry Jr., said he wasn’t much on reading, but he read 50 pages of one of her books before he put it down. I like to read and if I can’t go to sleep, I like to read her books. And do some during the day. She is a good Christian lady and she and her husband are good singers too. I wish her and her family the very best. It is so great to read books written by someone you know. James and I have known Tattie since she was born. She keeps your interest and you want to keep reading. 

Stay safe, it’s winter.