Highlonesome – Linda Orick

Sandra Harvill said their grand daughter, Reagan sure enjoyed Christmas this year.

Gary Harvill visited his uncle and aunt, Junior and Betty Halcomb before Christmas and took them a fruit basket. Sandy Church Christmas caroled at the Halcomb’s and brought a fruit basket and their home church, Mound, sent a fruit basket.

John and Connie Siler brought us our supper Friday evening due to Aunt Linda’s knee trouble. James said he was glad to get it because he wondered what he was going to fix. They brought us Christmas gifts. They just didn’t stay long enough. They stopped by and visited Connie’s parents, Junior & Betty Halcomb.

Jan. 5th., Rex & Shirley Halcomb visited. We exchanged our Christmas gifts. Junior & David Halcomb came later. It was good to see Junior out and about. We sure have missed him and Betty visiting.

David and Glenda Halcomb enjoyed the kids and grandkids Christmas Eve and spent the night.

It has been a sad time for a lot of us with loved ones passed and some sick. I think we went through the motions. Get well wishes to all the sick. May you recover by God’s healing hand. 

John and Connie Siler enjoyed their family Sunday before Christmas Day.

The long-range forecast predicts later in January getting colder and more snow this year. I hope they missed the long-range forecast. We probably will have our two seasons again, winter and summer.

Dora Maggard used to say these warm days are weather breeders –look out for bad weather ahead.

Sunday, Jan. 6th, we attended Garrison Church. Rev. Jeremy Gilbert played a testimony from a man who was of a different denomination than we are. And he won his family and friends over to Jesus Christ. Justin Bertoldie sang. He had taken grandpa, Gordon Jones, out for a drive and to check cattle. Bob Hammons sang two songs. It’s always good to see him and Dee.

Bob Hammons had a surprise birthday given in his honor at the senior citizens center in Sparta. Happy Birthday Bob. Penny Loveland told me Sunday at Ozark that Ruby Melton passed away. She worked at Fasco and Ozark Wal-mart. A nice lady.

Happy birthday wishes sent to J.D. and Dillon Morrison, David Halcomb and Shellie Marler in January.

Abby Bertoldie and Steve Jones showed us a picture of Shelby and Emerrett Dalton’s baby girl. She has a lot of black hair. Congrats go to the Daltons. It was so hard on them when they lost their first baby girl, River. God blessed them with another baby, and in good health.

Stephanie Nelson is in the hospital so remember her and her family in your prayers.

Recently Daryl Armour visited Junior and Betty Halcomb.

John Phillips and David Halcomb visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb. Jerry Maggard and Jerry Jr. have also been to the Halcomb’s.

I wonder if our weather will be like this January? It will confuse the groundhog. Blessings sent your way.