Highlonesome – Linda Orick

Friday, Dec. 21st, James and I took some Christmas flowers and decorated at the Ongo Cemetery where his folks are buried. A few days before, James and I and Rex and Shirley Halcomb decorated at Mt. Olive where mine and Rex’s folks, my baby brother, and brother-in-law Oren Harvill, all are buried. The sad part is we had a sister’s grave to decorate this year. We all sure have missed Dot so very much. It is so hard to think she is not here anymore. But we have to realize generations die and more generations to come. Like one deacon said at Garrison, the world would be over populated if no one died. I wonder what will be for 2019 people coming into the country, new disease, people wanting to change what we believe in. That’s terrible about the dispute over the cross in Ozark Park. I hope it stands up all year. People have let too much change go on. God won’t put up with it.

Dec. 22nd, Eastern Gate Church had their Christmas program. All who took part did a good job. Santa came and visited and several pictures were taken. Kids love Santa. It’s so cute to see how proud kids acted opening their presents. Several attended. It’s always a delight to visit Betsy Conrad. Her husband, Boyd, would tell her see what Connie Chung wrote. So she calls me that. She was a reporter. Guess what, Eastern Gate’s pastor is Santa’s son. Santa has children too.

David Halcomb stopped by and visited Gary Harvill his cousin, and came on down and visited with us. David and John Siler were here Saturday evening. David visited us Christmas Day. Jaki Lafferty came to the Christmas program at Eastern Gate. She sat with James and me, and we got to visit with her. Pretty girl, kids grow up fast- a young lady now. 

Sunday, Dec. 23rd We went to Garrison Church. Rev Jeremy Gilbert preached. Justin, Mylea, and Molly Bertoldie presented the special music. We enjoyed it.

John Phillips visited recently with his sister, Shirley Halcomb and Rex. He visits often. I usually forget to write about his visits.

Lisa Ellison attended Mt. Olive Sunday. On Christmas Eve she and her mom, Dorothy King, are going to Lisa’s brother Lee and family’s home for a breakfast and gift exchange. She attended her aunt’s funeral, the former Jeanette Maggard. I don’t know her married name. She is the daughter of the late Cleveland and Stella (Nelson) Maggard. They lived around Highlonesome years ago. 

I remember going to their house to play with their grand daughter, Debbie. My brother would wash his car at the spring which carried the name ‘the Jim Willis’ spring’. Mercy that’s been a long time ago. I guess I am due for a few aches and pains. Time does not stand still.

Sunday, I visited a few minutes with Sandra Harvill. Their house is decorated pretty. And her daughters, Kim Casey and Shellie Marler, have their homes decorated pretty. Christmas lights are pretty. We have a reindeer and sleigh that light up in gold. It’s pretty. We used to put up porch lights. Then later, lights that had fish. The older you get, the less you do.

James visited Dillon and grandson, Chris Morrison a few minutes Saturday, and we all later chatted a few minutes. Morrison were feeding their cattle on Boulders Fork and around Highlonesome, then onto O hwy.

Doug Ellison and his wife Susan  called Christmas Eve to wish us a Merry Christmas.

Connie Siler prepared Christmas dinner and brought it to her parents, Junior and Betty Halcomb’s home. James and I joined them. After James said the blessing, we dug in. It was really good. Connie and Betty fixed Rex and Shirley Halcomb a plate each and desserts. James and I took it to them. Shirley’s been sick since Oct. Rex has been feeling bad. They went Dec. 27 to the doctor in Ozark who recommended they take over the counter medicine, sending them back to square one. Makes you wonder about flu shots.

My niece, Shelly Parham called and her mom, Lyn Halcomb has permanently decided to stay in a nursing facility. 

I am having knee trouble and the doc wants me to do therapy. It’s winter time and with the flu bug flying around, I hate to.

Thanks to the Douglas County Herald. I like those calendars. I carry it in my purse. I enjoyed meeting two of the new employees. I am looking forward to reading the article about Tattie Maggard’s book writing.

Old timers used to say the first 12 days of January rule the year. I don’t like snow but we need rain in garden season. So I hope and pray for mild days. We know it won’t be very hot in January.

Pray for a good 2019.