Gentryville – Ella May Daugherty

Wed. Dec. 26th – Christmas is in the past now and we look forward to a new year. It’s rather a gloomy day, rainy, dark, 40’s, but wasn’t yesterday a beautiful day!

I got the   sling off my arm last Wed. Tracy came after me Tues. after school and Hannah took me to the doctor at Ozark on Wed. We ate lunch and did some shopping and I spent Wed. night at their house. Also, Hannah brought me home after we got groceries in Ava Thursday. Janet and Katlyn Smith visited me Thurs. evening. On Friday, Amanda Russell came down for a while and she put my Christmas tree up for me.

Other visitors last week were Karen and Doug Fredrick, Bertha and Dean Scherer.

On Sun., Patty Stephens came and we exchanged our presents, made date balls, and then went for a drive before she went home.

Janet Smith and Karen Fredrick’s families got together Sun. night at the home of Janet, Paul and Katlyn Smith. Then on Sunday night, they had another gathering at the home of Jonah and Sirena Melton and family.

Monday morning, Hannah Griffith came and got me and I had Christmas dinner with them on the 24th, which is also Tracy’s birthday. Norma Griffith came and had dinner also. I stayed over night and Tracy brought me home Christmas evening.

Carol Wise, Christy Hartzell, and Riley O’Shea spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day with Ann Collins. Ted Collins visited awhile on Christmas Day and then Christy spent the night again. Annie and Christy visited me a little while today.

Thanks to the staff of the Herald for the Christmas gifts. These are the best ink pens.

Birthday greetings for January to Shelby Campbell on the 9th; Lauryn Snodgrass on the 22nd; also Brenda Massey on the 22nd and Doug Fredrick on the 27th.

Thought for the day: With Christ, my possibilities are limitless.

Take care and have a healthy, happy New Year.