Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

Hello to all of you on this fine morning. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We so enjoyed so many things during this joyous season. We went up to Mt. Olive and watched two of our grandchildren perform in their church program. It is always a blessing to see our kids and grandkids serving God.

The next weekend was our program at Eastern Gate. I was so proud of all of my little kids that took part. They were so good. I also appreciate all the adults that so willingly jumped in and took part and helped in so many ways.

Our play was about the star that shone on the first Christmas night, and I think the stars were shining a little brighter that night watching all of these precious children tell the story of God’s gift to us on that night.

I had a call from my brother, Adrian. It was good to hear from him. I hope he has a great New Year.

Our kids came for Christmas, and we had a great time. We ate and played games, and, of course, gave out gifts. But most importantly we shared the gift of love for each other, and that is the gift that God wants us to have for each other. His gift was given in love and we in turn need to share and show God ‘s love.

Monday, my brother Howard and Phyllis came down and we shared the day together. So we got to celebrate the birth of Christ several different days.

I hope you also celebrated this special day with the remembrance of why we really have Christmas and make your New Year resolution to  serve God a little closer in this New Year of 2019.

Till next time, take care and God bless.