County Line – Veda Bushong

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. 

Johnnie and Debra Reed, and Brittany and Lynnox Torres of Kansas, arrived here on Thursday. Others here were Donna Dodson, Diana David, and Michael Dodson.

Donna, Diana, Amy Croney, Keith, and Melanie Breeding, Quin, and Macee all attended the basketball game Thursday night in Ava. Megan Goforth and Challa Watkins cheered and did a special Christmas dance routine they all went to watch.

Melanie Breeding and Donna went to Springfield on Friday. Donna helped her wrap it all on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, Johnnie’s family had a get together in Forsyth, MO. Those attending were Johnnie and Debra Reed, Brittany and Lynnox Torres, Miguel and Tiffany Ayala, Garrett, Grant, Isaac, Isaiah, Gabe, and Adele, Everett Sartina, Sheila, Rev. Vernon Fuller, Joe Scott, Kim, Riley, and Tipton, Lois Lus, Jo Lux, Gavin Lux, Levi Lux, Noel and Eva Scott, Glenda Timmerman, Sara Case, Kathy Maddox, Brandon  and Summer Reed, Gavin and Blake, Justin and Dominique Reed, Kristi Glen, Bailey, Noel, and Landon and Maddie.

Donna, Megan, Macee all helped me make desserts on Saturday. Saturday evening, the kids made cookies and decorated them.

Those here Sunday were my three girls, Donna & David Dodson, Diana, & Butch Davis, Debra & Johnnie Reed, eleven of my thirteen grandchildren, Mike & Corrina Dodson, Melanie & Keith Breeding, Amy and Ronnie Croney. Branwyn Robertson and Casey, Onna Bushong, Tiffany & Miguel Ayala, Brinton and Jennifer Bushong, Bentley Iott, Jolisa Iott, Brittany Torres, Dayton and Mikayla Bushong, twenty-three of my thirty great grandchildren, Reece Gofiorth, Megan Goforth, Quin Breeding, Macee Breeding, Chase Dodson, Dallee and Deana, Bryse Dodson, Dalton Watkins and Cheyenne, Challa Watkins, Axel Hill, Cedrick Bristol, Ashlin Parker, Emily Iott, Dylan Iott, Garrett Kearn, Grant Kearn, Isaac Ayala, Isaiah Ayala, Gabi Ayala, Adele Ayala, Lynnox Torres, Jordann Irwin, Ben Bushong, and Laken Bushong. We had a good dinner and opened gifts. My sister, Jo Stephens, also came by.

Miguel and Tiffany and family stayed Sat. and Sun. nights in Keith and Melanie Breeding’s home.

Jane Dodson and family had Christmas in Ava on Monday.

Johnnie, Debra, and girls and families went home on Monday morning. They had Christmas Day at Tiffany’s.

Those here on Christmas Day for dinner and games were David and Donna Dodson, Butch and Diane Davis, Amy and Ronnie Croney and family, Keith and Melanie Breedng and family, Jolisa Iott, Bentley Iott, and kids, and others coming by were Jacob Vinson, Sandy Rackley and C.J. and some others whose names I didn’t get.

David and Donna Dodson had Christmas gift exchanges with Melanie and Keith and family Monday evening. They went to have Christmas with Mike, Corrina, Bryse, Chase, and Dallee Christmas morning.

Happy Birthday in January to me on the 5th; Lynnox Torres on the 6th; Butch Davis also on the 6th; Kathy Stephens on the 7th; Dayton Bushong on the 17th; David Dodson on the 20th; Cedrick Bristol on the 12th; Emily Iott on the 29th; and Cody Goforth on the 30th. I wish them many more.

Keith and Melanie and family visited Kenny Breeding Christmas Day to take him gifts. Keith cut him some wood for a couple of days. He will start treatment soon.

Michael and David came by to look at my hot water heater. It has to be replaced. 

Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Donna and Megan took me shopping on Saturday.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.