Council on Aging Senior Center

By Tommy Roberts

We have various fundraisers frequently and the last one was a quilt cross-stitched by Joretta Sawyer. The winning ticket was purchased by Bill Walls. Congratulations to him. It was beautiful and quilted by Jernigan’s Quilts.

Tanya Williams will be here on Monday at 10 am with the Book Club.  The Stress Busting Program will begin on Monday as well, and it begins at 10 a.m. and goes until 11:30 a.m. This is a nine week program to help family members who take care of a loved one with their caregiving skills.  Those who participated will learn how to cope with stress, how to relax, how to deal with challenges, positive thinking, how to take time for yourself, and the behaviors of grief, loss and depression.  The classes are free.

We have puzzles to put together here or you could check them out and put them together at home and bring them back. We have a Book Exchange Program here that you could take a book with you, read it, and bring it back. Put your initials in the front of the book so you will know if you have already read it.

There will be a class coming up next month on understanding the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s – so stay tuned.

There will be a pitch tournament on Tuesday, January 8 beginning at noon. 

A pool tournament will be held on Wednesday, January 9 beginning at noon. There is a one dollar entry fee for this.

There are recipes to be picked up sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension Center.

On Thursday, January 10, there will be pinochle, pitch, dominoes, Mexican Train Dominoes and Skip Bo if anyone wants to play these games. 

The Grace Foot Clinic will be here Thursday, January 10. If you have an appointment that day, please make sure you show up.

Please look at our Facebook page at AvaSeniorActivityCenter and follow us.

We hope everyone is doing well this New Year.

Until next week have a good ‘un.