Breedon – Evelyn Harper & Sue Thomas

Pastor Cub began service with the reading of Psalm 120. Evelyn Harper dismissed to classes with prayer. The lesson the children learned was from Matthew 2:1-11. The wise men followed the star to the house where they found Jesus with Mary, his mother. They fell down and worshiped Him and then presented Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The adult class studied Romans Chapters 8-10. We answered last week’s questions and seven more were asked to be found for next week.

David Williams asked the blessing on the offering and he and Jacelyn Terry collected the offering and the Coins for Christ. 

After congregational singing, Judy Willis and David Williams sang, “Now I Have Everything,” with Cub playing the guitar. Judy sang, “God Still Answers Prayer.”

Pastor Cub preached the message from St. John 14:1-26. The invitation was extended with the closing song of, “Where Could I Go?”

Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer.

Friday night is our monthly singing and supper. Come and enjoy yourselves in the Lord.