Breedon – Evelyn Harper & Sue Thomas

Pastor Cub Lafferty began service with the reading of Psalms 149.

Wilma Hampton dismissed us in prayer to classes.

The adult class studied Romans Chapters 11-13. Questions were answered from last week and seven new questions were asked for next week.

Bill Harper asked the blessing on the offering and Darrell Hampton and Emma, Cub’s grand daghter, collected the offering and the coins for Christ.

After congregational singing, Joe Pete, Cub’s grandson, sang, “Somebody Prayed for Me.” Judy Willis sang “Jesus Will Return,” and she and Cub sang, “Look What’s Waiting for Me.”

Pastor Cub preached the message from Matthew 13:1-52. Is our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Are we going to heaven or hell? 

The invitation to choose was extended, and the service was closed in prayer by Ronnie Thomas.