Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

Bethany Baptist Church had its Annual Soup and Pie Fellowship, exchanged cards and gifts December 23, and presented the Christmas Cantata, “Tell Me the Story of Jesus,” afterward. They were pleased to have several visitors for the supper and program. Some of the visitors had come from Connecticut and Michigan to visit with their families, but most came from the Ava, Ozark, and Springfield areas. The Michigan guests, Tim Henderson and Sally Sorensen, joined with Norma Stillings, Darlene Sorensen, and Jeff Corder to present the program. Stephanie Corder played the piano. 

Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, and Alan Stillings of Ava, came to the home of Norma Stillings after the Christmas program at church, December 23. They opened gifts and visited through the rest of the evening before returning to their homes.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen, their daughter Sally Sorensen and Sally’s fiancé, Tim Henderson, drove to Hope, Arkansas for Christmas to visit Luke and Shauna Sorensen and their daughters, Kaylee, and Khari. Sally and Tim both work for the Bible Institute at Camp Cobeac in northern Michigan and were on vacation.

Pete and Anna Goos of Lee’s Summit drove to Ava Christmas morning to visit with her sister, Norma Stillings, nephew, Alan Stillings, and his brother and wife, Carl and Mary Goss. They visited a lot, ate a lot, put together puzzles, and played competitive games. It was the first Christmas in about 20 years that Pete and Anna had not gone to New Jersey, but phone calls were made to and from the New Jersey folks. This was a real treat for Norma, who might have had to eat alone on Christmas, otherwise. Alan took everyone out for breakfast, Wednesday morning.  

We often approach the New Year with a resolve to “do better” in some way. We may have eaten too much, sat talking too much, failed to carry out last year’s resolutions, or even have given up on making resolutions; but we often see the New Year as a second chance to get things right. Pastor Bob Sorensen, in his “Strength for the Day and Wisdom for the Way” devotion book for January 1st suggested “It would do us all good to begin the year, and continue throughout the year, with resolve to spend time each day reading, studying, and meditating on the Bible. Make it your purpose to live by the Word of God. We can face the year knowing with certainty that God has all the wisdom and power we need to succeed. He is the Creator. ‘All things were made by him.’ He made everything out of nothing, when there was only Him. Surely we can trust Him to enable us to meet the challenges of the next year.”