Arno -Hellen Blakey

12-29-18 George and Violet stopped by and picked up their pumpkin bread that was left here for them. 

Bro. Charles’ message came from Matthew 5:44-48. After church, Nina and I went out for lunch. 

12-31-18 I received .9” by noon in my rain gage. On New Year’s Day, I had 1/2 an inch in my rain gage when it stopped.

I went to town last Tuesday, and got me some medicine at the store. I have a bad case of intestinal flu and a bad cold. I got a few groceries and came home.
Lee came over Friday evening and emptied my rain gage, and Carrie Fitzgerald came and brought me some medicine from the drug store and she got my mail and brought it to the porch. I told everyone not to come in because I didn’t want them to get what I have.  

I stayed home from church Sunday.

Keep all the sick folks in your prayers. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one. Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the Service, and their families and the ones in training.