Arno – Hellen Blakey

12.23.18 – Last Monday, I baked 2 more cakes. I went to town last Tuesday, and took my news in, went to the drug store, then went out and got a few groceries. 

Ellis dropped by on his way home. Then Nina came by on her way home from work.

James came by on his way home.

Wednesday morning I had .1” in my rain gage.

That day, I washed two loads of clothes and cut up two cakes and iced them. Thursday, I baked my last two cakes. Vernal and Ellen came down Friday evening with my Christmas gift.

I went to town Saturday and paid my taxes. Then I went to the drug store, then got some groceries. I stopped by Hodgson Mill and got two bags of wheat flour that Pam had ordered for me. Then I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and wished Nina and Judy a Merry Christmas. Kay came by the house and picked up her birthday cake, and Cathy picked up her Christmas cake while I was gone. I left them in the coolers on my porch. James came after I got home and took a bed and chest of drawers up to Lakota.

Sunday, Bro. Charles’ message came from John 3:17, Romans 3:23 and 5:6,8. I ran over and got me a turkey after church to thaw out for Christmas. 

I want to thank the Herald for my Christmas gift.

12.28.18 I didn’t get my news in last Monday, so I just spent the day getting ready for Christmas. On Christmas Day, my first call was from James and he wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary for the day before. It would have been our 59th anniversary if Clarence had lived.

Those at my home were Joel and Monica Reemes; Vernal and Ellen Blakey; Ellis and Michelle Blakey; J.K. and Brittany Sturgeon; and Lincoln, Trae, and Kendra Shelton Finley; and Sloane, Chase Blakey, Blythe and Chesnea.

Gifts were passed out, then dinner was served with two kinds of turkey and all the trimmings that go with it. Dessert was blackberry cobbler and pumpkin pies.

After everyone had left and it was getting dark, Tevin and Lakota Reid and Adrian came. They hadn’t been here long when Johnathan and Annie Blakey, Alexia and Owen came. 

Anne got my name, so she was making me a new family tree to hang on my wall. Boy is it beautiful. If I can get a good picture, I will put it in the paper. Mark Blakey and Mark W. came Wednesday, with presents from Dwayne and Lora Kay Davis, Chad, and Laura Blakey, Emma and Lucas, Mark and Sherry Blakey, and Mark Weston.

Mark was sick Christmas Day, so he stayed home by himself. He was a little better today. 

Thursday, I had 1.4” in my rain gage by 8:30 this morning.

Annie Blakey stopped by on her way home. James came by with my Christmas gift. It was a beautiful purple sweater. Then he fixed my check book. I will wait and see if it is right when I get my next statement.

Friday, I will take my news in and then go to Clinkingbeard to fill out some papers for me, go by Sally’s, and take some papers to the Missouri Division of Social Services. I will go by State Farm Insurance to get me some new calendars.

Keep praying for our sick folks. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one. Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families, and the ones in training.