Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

During the Thanksgiving holiday my son Marlyn Pitcock and wife Charlene served food at the Catholic church in Forsyth. As many as 1,000 people, some who were homeless, came for the food and fellowship. At their home, Marlyn deep-fat-fried the turkey for their family’s holiday celebration. Granddaughter McKayla helped with the food preparation, and they had a houseful of family and friends. 

I recently gave Marlyn a recipe for homemade mush, which is made with cornmeal and is best when fried in bacon grease. It’s a treat. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want it again!

This week we salute an old patriot, George H. W. Bush, who is well remembered in the political field.

It was Dec. 4, 1935, when I lost my mother at age 13. That was 83 years ago. As my father, George H. Crawford told me, old age is when you remember what happened 50 years ago more than what happened yesterday.

In later years, I was blessed to have a dear stepmother, Ollie, who was with me at the birth of my two oldest children. 

Congratulations to Alison Suman, daughter of Roger and Jean Gady Suman as she graduates from the University of Arkansas School of Nursing. I was pleased to receive her photo and the announcement of her graduation. 

What a treat to have my new neighbor Tim, from Louisiana, bring me a good mess of turnips from the old Merle Satterfield place. They were better than a bag of oranges!

A belated happy 89th birthday on Nov. 7 birthday to Jerry Miller, my good friend and neighbor. 

I have received my first Christmas cards, which I am enjoying. One included a letter from my friend Marlyn Atkinson in Excelsior Springs. I also got a card from former Tecumseh resident Ginger Peters in New Jersey. She says she misses her Missouri friends and the nice home she had east of Tecumseh, where we enjoyed many meetings of the Friendly Neighbors Extension Club, of which I was a charter member. 

Editor’s note: Christmas greetings may be mailed to correspondent Linnie Ingram at 27703 US Highway 160, Tecumseh, MO 65760. 

Dec. 9 – Much admiration is expressed for those who stood at attention during our past president George H. W. Bush’s memorial services in Washington, D.C., and in Texas, where they stood along the railroad tracks as the train carried him to the burial site. Our heritage is important; our history has taught us that. Perhaps it’s ignored by a younger generation if not taught by their elders. I recently noticed that several younger folks did not stand and salute our flag as it was presented. Surely it would not be rude to remind them to do so. I believe more emphasis should be put on these things. Our flag etiquette is important. I’m trying to teach it to my grandchildren – and I hope they listen. I know Alexus does.

I guess I’m feeling a bit like a philosopher today! 

My son-in-law Dave said there was no news from the Udall area. 

I enjoy corresponding with Donna Mishler in Apache Junction, Arizona, and with her brother Lyle Mishler in Springfield. Lyle came to visit me this past summer. I also enjoy hearing from Ginger Peters in New Jersey and learning about her part of the world. Her son Allen was responsible for setting up my martin house that I enjoy each year. We’ll know when spring is arriving when the martins come back again. Usually it’s around March 1.

Happy birthday to my son Lyndon Pitcock in Fair Grove, and to Neoma Moody. They both celebrate their birthdays on Dec. 14. Lyndon was born in 1955 and was the 1,500th baby that Dr. M. J. Hoerman delivered. Judy Hoerman gave him a dollar bill as a gift, and Bob Usrey gave me a free ambulance trip home from the doctor’s office in Gainesville. Dr. Hoerman was not only my doctor; he and Judy were special friends of mine in Eastern Star also.

And also a happy birthday to my cousin Janet Ebrite Taber on Dec. 12. I just learned that Janet and her husband, Stan, and Times editor Sue Ann Jones were all born within a month of each other in 1951 and have been good friends ever since. Janet’s grandfather Leonard Ebrite and I were first cousins. 

My daughter Kris enjoyed a recent weekend in Branson and Silver Dollar City. 

The propane trucks are busy making deliveries out this way. I’m going to have to get my tank filled soon. I have a good Ashley wood heater, but I use propane for my main heat. It makes my windows steam up, which means I’ll have to do some more window-washing soon.

I’m eager to go through Joe and Diane Easterday’s drive-through Christmas lights at their Rocky Top Cabins and Campground. It’s such a blessing to have those good people in our neighborhood. Diane is a member of our Friendly Neighbors Extension Club.