Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

12-13-18 – Hello again: We’re having another wintry morning. A little skiff of snow on the grass when I got up & there’s a chance for some rain today. Walt’s family, Berta & Denny & Frank Dee have been trying to come out here to have breakfast with us for quite some time, but there’s been a snow storm, strong winds or something every weekend except last weekend. She sometimes has to work on Saturdays, and that’s when they usually come out here because Dee goes to church on Sundays. 

So I think she must have had to work. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at Anita’s on Saturday afterwards. She had to work on Thanksgiving. We drew names for Christmas. Walt got my name and I got Anita’s. I’m getting some birthday gifts to take too when we go for Christmas dinner. I don’t get to see anybody on their birthday, so I take them along with the Christmas gifts. Anita’s is Dec. 27, and Jared & Dee’s are both Dec. 30. We’ll try to get Dee’s to him before then, as he won’t be at Anita’s when we exchange gifts. Carl & Jacob have birthdays on Feb. 11 & 12, so I take theirs too. I hope everyone can be there and the weather lets us be there.

Of course we all miss my son, Jeff, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He always enjoyed being with all the family both times. I think he will be with us in spirit anyway. I just can’t imagine him not. I’d better say, “I trust you Jesus, & I believe in angels.” 

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Bye Bye for now.