Environmental Covenant Agreement Signed on 12th Ave. Solvents Site

The City of Ava, Emerson, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Ava  Industrial Development Corporation  and the Environmental Protection Agency have entered an Environmental Covenant Agreement concerning the 12th Avenue Solvents site. 

The site is the current location of the Ava Police Department, and the Scroll Compressors factory. 

The EPA and Missouri DNR requested the covenant be recorded for the site and imposes activity and use limitations on the property to minimize exposure to site-related contaminants of concern that are present on the property. 

The primary contaminants of concern at the site are xylene and ethylbenzene, related to leaks from storage tank piping during the operation of the site by Emerson Motor Company. 

Emerson implemented cleanup and removal actions, including the operation of a groundwater collection and treatment system to mitigate the discharge of contaminated water to the wetland area and tributary of Prairie Creek.

Emerson operated the treatment system from January 2002 until October 2017 when the EPA agreed that the site related contaminates of concern were no longer an issue in the wetland area and Prairie Creek tributary. The EPA has since taken over ownership and operation of the system to capture and treat contaminates of concern from the nearby Community Laundromat property.

The full text of the agreement, including the actions taken by Emerson to clean up the site, is located on the Herald website at http://bit.ly/avaepa2018