Caney News – Janice Lafferty

Dec. 8th – Sunday School opened with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. We brought our concerns to the Lord. Bro. Jeff Shipley led in prayer. 

Psalm 81 was read for our devotion by Bro. Jack.

We need to listen and follow the Lord. That is the way to receive His blessings. We will spend eternity somewhere.

After a good Sunday School lesson, praise and worship began with testimony: Janice Lafferty, Hi Lambeth, Jeff Shipley, Melba Austin, and Lila Roberts.

Service continued with congregational singing.

Special music by Melba Austin, and Melissa Harmon.

Pastor Bill Austin brought the morning message from Acts 20:17-26, 20:8-13.

Someday, we are all going home. Christ has a home prepared for those that are ready to go to Him and abide with Him.

This writer went to Girdner to see grandkids in their Christmas play. It was a very good program.

Dec. 12 – Wednesday evening service began praising the Lord in song. Bro. Hi Lambeth took prayer requests/praise reports. We have lots of concerns but the Lord hears and cares. Bro. Jack led us in prayer. 

Bro Hi read Jeremiah 28.

There are false prophets even today. Preachers are telling the people what they want to hear. Not telling them what God says. Shame on any that do this. They will have to face the Lord for this. This is so sad that people believe a lie instead of the Bible.

Good thoughts and great scriptures were shared. Sometimes we are tired or not feeling good, but we always feel better for being in God’s house.

Sis. Melba Austin taught our youth a lesson. So thankful for the few we have. Thankfully, they seem to want to learn.

Dec. 16 – Sunday School began with singing. Bro. Jack read Psalm 86:1-7 for devotion. 

Praise/worship began with testimony service and continued with congregational singing.

Special music by Jimma Dunlap, Melissa Harmon, Melba Austin.

Pastor Bill brought the morning message from Ezra 9:5-9. Revival even in bondage was his thought.

We were so glad for the visitors this morning. They were Jimma & Richard Dunlap, & Jeff & Amanda Ford. They are some of Bro Bill’s family, moving to Green Forest from California.

Sunday evening service began praising the Lord in song. Bro. Jim Lafferty brought the evening message from Hebrews 10:19 to the end of the chapter. We were once again blessed with visitors this evening. Brad Carrie Chaney and children Aaron Braysen & Cooper. 

A very blessed day in the Lord.