Caney News – Janice Lafferty

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Our Wednesday evening service began with singing. Bro. Jim Lafferty took the service prayer requests/praise reports. Bro. Bill Austin led in prayer.

Bro. Jim Lafferty read Rev. 22:8-14. We should only worship the Lord. Not even the angels deserve our worship. When God decides to call us all home the unjust will be unjust. He that is holy will be holy. Nothing can change that at that time. Pray now. Ask Him into your heart.

It was so good to gather before Thanksgiving Day and praise the Lord, to realize all that Christ has done for us.

It was a night of giving thanks.

Sis. Melba Austin taught our youth a good lesson.

Sunday School opened singing praises to the Lord.

Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests/praise reports were taken. Bro. Jeff Shipley led in prayer.

Jack read Psalm 46:1-11 for our devotion. God is our strength, refuge, shelter, and salvation. After a good Sunday School lesson Happy Birthday was sung to Jennnifer Flannery. God bless her.

Praise/worship began with testimony by Jim Lafferty, Janice Lafferty, Jeff Shipley, Kelli Clemans.

Service continued with congregational singing. Special music by Melissa Harmon.

Bro. Jack Essary brought the message from Jude this morning. The judgment of God is terrible and eternal when we don’t believe in Him. The time to serve the Lord is now. Even the angels that turned back on God are in Hell. Pray for the lost, the evil, even your enemies. God loves them and wants them to serve Him. They need to hear and make their choice. Be a light. Keep yourself in the love of God. Look for the mercy of Christ. Have compassion making a difference. Help others out of the fire. Be about God’s business.

A great message straight from God’s word.

Sunday, evening service began with singing. Pastor Bill Austin welcomed everyone Bro. Hi Lambeth led in prayer.

Bro. Jim Lafferty spoke this Sunday evening. His scripture was 2 Corinthians 5:1-13.

We are all going to face death. God has promised a heavenly home. If we ask Him into our heart and serve Him the best we can. God can and will take the sting of death away. We will have a new body, pain-free, new name and a home with Jesus. We all will appear before the judgment seat of Christ whether it be good of bad.

We are blessed at Caney to have men and women who will teach and preach God’s word.

Sis. Melba had class for our youth. So glad for her and our few youth.

Come worship with us at Caney.