Breedon – Clara Lafferty

Dec. 2, 2018. Pastor Cub began service with the reading of Psalms 126. Evelyn Harper dismissed us to classes in prayer.  The children’s class studied from Luke 8:22-25. Jesus stopped a storm when His followers were afraid. They were amazed that even the wind and waves obeyed His will.

The adult class studied from Acts 25 and 26.

Questions were answered and new questions were asked to be found for next week.

Ronnie Thomas asked the blessings in prayer for the offering and Darrell Hampton collected the offering while Jacelyn Terry collected the coins for Christ.

We sang congregational songs followed by specials from Judy Willis who sang “Who Do You Think?” Ken Kelly sang “The Lighthouse.” Judy Willis and Ronnie and Sue Thomas sang, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Judy and Wilma sang, “Until You’ve Known the Love of God.”

Matt Haden preached the message from Joshua 3:5. Sanctify yourselves. He also used the scriptures from Micah 6:6-8. Treat others justly. Love mercy, yet not complacency. Walk humbly with thy God.

Pastor Cub closed the service with words of love for our neighbor, for love is of God. He spoke of the choice we have to make concerning our eternal destination. We choose, heaven or hell.

The invitation for salvation was given and Ken Kelly dismissed in prayer.

We miss Clara and still desire your prayers for her and Cub during this difficult time.