Wasola – Theta Nokes

Sing praise to God, sing praise, sing praises unto our King, sing praise. Psalms 47:6.

Sympathy to the families of Gordon Bray, Wanda Trice, Lois Graham, and sweet A.J. Ray. 

Thanksgiving Day, Gary & I went to Ava and dinner with Honie Nokes, Billy Graham, and Saran Miess.

T.J., our son, came in that afternoon. That night, T.J. & I went to the Brazeal’s home and visited with Dana and AnnaBelle Johnson.

Saturday, Gary, T.J. and I went to Dara Strong’s home for a Thanksgiving get together. Other guests were Howard & Bailey Strong, Justin Shumate, Robyn & Jasmine Schroeder, Honie  Nokes, Billy Graham, Tafi Adams, Eli Shannon, Logan David, Beau, Austin, and Addesyn Buege, Howard & Ella Faye Mitchell, Zamber & Colt Little, Tiffanee Satterfield, Zoe Shull, AnnaBelle Johnson, Cody, Hannah & Charleigh Strong, Hunter Huff, Brayden Lansdown, Ralph & Dana Brazeal, Del, Tanya, Zane & Remmi Scott, John, Tabitha, Stormi, Kasey, & Kunai Medlock, & Oceanna Meile.

It’s a fine thing to be on the right track, but you might get run over if you sit down there. Have a great week.