Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

Oct. 29. Well, two more days and we can kiss October 2018 goodbye. We’ve got candy for “Trick or Treat” every year and no one has come, so this year we’re not getting any so they will probably come.

I started watching “Lark Rise to Candleford” on Saturday nights and now I’ve found out it’s on every weekday morning at 9 o’clock, so I look forward to watching it in the mornings too. I like the old-fashioned shows like that. 

I also stumbled onto a couple good movies. One was “Snow Dogs” and I got started watching after they had started so I’m not sure what the name was of the other one. But it was good and very well acted on all that were in it. And a happy ending. 

The weather is just so-so now, except yesterday was really windy all day with gusts over 50 miles an hour. Thank God we didn’t have to go anywhere. We probably couldn’t have kept our little car on the road. We got a Halloween card and a birthday invite to little Bane Williams’ birthday in November & some really good pictures of him. He takes such good pictures, it is like looking at him in person. We have to miss his birthday, because we just don’t drive that far anymore unless we really have to. Oh yes, he will be a big three years old. My great-great granddaughter was 4 years old this month. I didn’t hear anything about a party, but I’m sure she had one. She’s the tiny baby in our five generations picture that was in the paper, Berta’s husband Denny had cataract surgery on both eyes and he’s really happy with the results and doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore.

We still need to get our hearing aids so maybe we can stop saying “Huh? Huh? What did you say?”  I’m sorry I haven’t been writing every week lately and I plan to try to do better. I’d better say, “I trust you Jesus, and I believe in angels.” Take care of yourselves and each other. Bye, bye for now.