Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

We began church with pledges, prayers, singing and a very interesting Sunday School lesson. We had folks out for different reasons, and we missed them. We had several requests for prayer for families losing their loved ones.

Brother Charles read scripture from Hebrew 4:1-10 for his message titled “Rest”. He spoke about the importance of rest in our daily lives. Even more important is eternal rest for the Christian who stays faithful until the end, good message.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains last Wednesday. They helped with the trick or treaters at Doug, Kristy, Jadon and Kayley’s and enjoyed the evening with them.

They had stopped on their way over and had a sandwich with brother, Paul, in Mansfield.

Dylan and Morgan brought Grant Clements (Ninja Turtle), to trick or trick at great grandparents, Harold and Kay’s, Wednesday evening. I think they stopped at others in the neighborhood, also.

Jewell Elliott attended visitation and the funeral service for her uncle, Lloyd Tate, this week.

Jeff and Kristy Tackett spent Saturday and Sunday with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Shirley and Amy Hutchison, and Shirley’s mom, Lauralee Petersen, all of West Plains, also had a short visit after church, Sunday.  Dylan and Morgan stopped by, also.

Bill and Cathy Lansdown joined Ronnie and Pat, for games and snacks, one evening.