HOTO – Connie Burris & Maxine Lirley

  Hello from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.   The beautiful fall weather is slowly turning into winter.

The wind whips through you and most everyone is wearing a coat or jacket.

Monday morning Bro. Don and Misty Lunn was here for Bible Study with the residents. They have been doing Bible Quiz, then a devotional. Prayer is always a big thing, we all need prayer.   

In the afternoon, Sarah Johnson was here from Season’s Hospice to play Bingo with our residents, she hands out small prizes for all the winners. Seasons Hospice is located out of Mansfield, MO but they serve our area.

We appreciate Victor and Carol Murdy and friends singing the old time gospel songs.

Tuesday morning Joy Duncan was here and we made fall etching with pumpkins as our picture. We glued, we glittered, and we pressed our beautiful pumpkin pictures.   We made a pumpkin cheesecake mini pie and cherry mini pie and we all had a good time eating our pies.

In the afternoon, Evelyn Harper, from Hospice Compassus, called bingo games for the residents and Joy visited with residents.  She has five residents she visits with each Tuesday. In the afternoon, Kristie Tate does Nifty Nails for our residents.

Wednesday morning, SHINE! was here and boy can they sing! They also did the music for our Halloween Costume Party.   The winners of the costume party were the group  Hocus Pocus-1st place;  My Circus My Monkeys-2nd place; and 3rd place went to Shelby and Waylon as a mama deer and a baby cow. We had a wonderful time dressing up and having fun with our residents. 1st place in the resident’s contest was won by Susan Daugard as the Queen of Hearts; 2nd place was Irene Weber as a scarecrow; and 3rd place went to Ethil Lane who was a purple witch.

We all had a good time.   Thanks to our judges for judging the contest they were Gaylene Gregory, Connie Fischer, Carol Smith and Kathy Valentine.

In the afternoon, Amy Goldsmith from 3 Rivers Compassus was here to watch the movie Hocus Pocus and serve popcorn to our residents.  

Thursday morning, Don and Misty Lunn was here for Bible Quiz with the residents. They had a large following in the main lobby doing the quiz.

In the afternoon  Carol Smith called bingo games for the residents and they all had a good time.

Friday morning,  the 1st Sonshine Group was here for the Friday morning singing and the lobby area was packed with residents.   We love our music around HOTO.   Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to.

In the afternoon, Carol Smith called Bingo, then it was time for singing with Cameron and Ron.    They were thoroughly enjoying the music Friday afternoon. It is so good to see our residents participation in activities.

Saturday morning, it was time for Norma and Lola to sing gospel and Bro. Tom Hawkins read Bible passages for the residents.

Sunday morning, Bro. Larry Moore was here for Sunday School  and in the afternoon Ava General Baptist Church was here for singing and church with the residents.  

Our home is blessed by the volunteers that we have for our home, they go above and beyond for our residents.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.