Happy Home – Peggy Potts

11-4-18 Our morning service began with Bro. Mac greeting all with a good morning. We had prayer requests, and praise reports. Prayer by Bro. Royce. We did the pledges to the flags and to the Bible. We sang for Jesus.

Sunday School began with Bro. John H. starting the lesson. Scripture for the lesson found in 2 Kings 9:1-10:36. Bro John opened in prayer. The key verse, 2 Kings 10:29, Lesson objectives: “To see that incomplete obedience is disobedience.” To fulfill God’s call upon our lives.” “To have the humility of the unnamed prophet in this passage.” Very good lesson.

We sang Happy Anniversary to Bro. Royce. 40 years.

We gathered coins for Christ. Time to sing for the Lord. We gathered the gifts for the Lord. Prayer by Bro. John. We had specials from Sister Juanita and Sister Peggy, Bro. Mac and Sister Sara.

Bro. Jack Clemens was our guest speaker. He opened with prayer. He used scripture from Judges 6:1-15. Before he got into the scripture, he asked us what we would be willing to give up for our church. He named a few things, like our favorite pew or our parking spot in the parking lot. Something to think about. Bro. Jack gave us a good message from the Lord. A life of sin leads to destruction. Bro. Jack closed in prayer. We were dismissed in prayer by Bro. Mac.

Evening service opened with Bro. Mac greeting all. We then formed the prayer circle and all prayed in the manner they saw fit. He asked for prayer reports and praise reports. Time to sing. We sang before the service began with Bro. Vic and Sister Carol, which we enjoyed very much. We had more singing and several specials by Sister Peggy, Bro. John H., Bro Vic and Sister Carol, Bro. Jack Clemens and his family. Wonderful music with great messages.

Bro. Jack Clemens began his message using scripture from Matthew 14:13-18 and Luke 9:10-17. All about feeding the multitude. A good message from the Lord. Bro. Jack prayed and dismissed us for the evening. It was a great evening of the Lord’s Word and music and prayer.

Have a great week. Keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.