Girdner – Jeannie Pierce

Hello from Girdner. Seems like every week for the last few weeks I have had my items partially written and didn’t quite get them done before the deadline to send in, so I will try again this week. 

We for sure have had some wonderful fall colors. Kenny and I took a drive down into Arkansas, and very much enjoyed the beauty. Since being home this week, it’s just been breathtaking all the beautiful colors. Just another blessing from God for us to enjoy!

So sorry to hear of another tragedy in our community. Spoke with AJ’s grandma at Walmart this week, and was so sorry for her loss. In speaking with her, I could see he was a very loved young boy, and will be missed by so many. My kids in my class also spoke of him and it was all good things they had to say about this young lad. Please remember the Ray family as they go through this very rough time, and the friends he leaves behind as well.

Remember our Bro. Leon this week as he has more tests and doctor appointments. We all appreciate him and all he does, and want to lift him up to the Lord at this time and ask you all would remember him as well.

Continue to remember my niece Barb in your prayers as well, as she continues to battle this cancer. She sure has a great outlook on this and gives God the thanks and Glory for all she has gone through and been helped with this far.

Wednesday night, pizza was enjoyed by all at church and then we went on into bible study and the kids enjoyed some games together with the younger adults. We have such a great group of young people to work with our kids. I appreciate them all so much. Two Saturdays ago they had a hay ride and cook-out afterward with all kinds of goodies! Bro. Chad and Sis. Joanna planned a outing with the teens the Wednesday night before. Bro. Chad was telling us about it at church and it sure sounded like a neat place to go. Our young people need to be challenged as to where they would spend eternity if their time should come to leave this world. We aren’t promised we will live to be old, we think when were young, we have plenty of time, but that just isn’t true. I am thankful we have teachers who are always thinking of different ways to keep our kids to continue living for the Lord, to seek his direction in their lives.

We have been blessed with some good preachers to fill in for us, as we continue to wait for the leading of a pastor. We appreciate each one of them that comes and brings the word.

Bro. Dwain Moore brought the message Sunday and Sunday evening. Sunday morning was from Daniel 3 and Sunday evening was from James 5: 13-20 and 11 Kings 4. We read here of the God of Elisha and all that he done through him. As Bro. Dwain was reading he said we read of Elisha’s God and we know him today, but where is all of God’s Elisha’s today? 

We have the same God today. He still can perform the same miracles as then. He needs us all to step up and be more like the old prophets we read about in the bible. God’s not changed. Something else Bro. Dwain said, has been on my mind today. In my lesson  in Sunday school, it was on the generations of Saul, and of Jessie. Johnathan and Mephibosheth. Then David, and Solomon after Jessie. I then wrote the kids names down on the board with the generations before them. Some were a little surprised  that I knew their great-great grandpas’ names, and even more surprised to know he was my grandpa!  But as I was writing all these names down, just as Dwain brought out in his message, how many in each of these generations, are continuing on with serving the Lord? There isn’t room to quit, we must keep teaching our children about God, and all his ways, someday soon,  they will be our next generation. Will we have done our part to teach them enough about God to make him real in their lives? Not just a story they have heard about at church or in a movie, but the feeling in their hearts, the desire to read his word and WANT to serve him as their savior! To want to be ready, to make heaven their home.

Last week, the 28th, Bro. Dwight and Sis. Carla came and bought the message.  Don’t ignore the signs of the return of the Lord. The valley of decisions, either we are going to live for the Lord or were not. The consequences for not choosing him will be an eternity in hell. Ecclesiastes 12: 13 -14 , says to hear the conclusion of the whole matter,  then on in 14, it says, God will bring every work into judgment,  with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Sunday evening we had our singing night. Was such a sweet spirit in the church and such a good singing.

Nov 21, Bro. Donald and Sis. Portia came and brought the morning message. Sunday evening on the 21st, Bro. Gene Terry and his wife came and brought the message. I hadn’t heard him preach for many years, and enjoyed his message very much.

Our Christmas play has been set for Dec 9th at the evening service. They are working on it now. I always enjoy seeing our Christmas plays and enjoy getting out and visiting other churches and seeing theirs.

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy our fall and all the beauty that comes with it. I guess I’d have to say I enjoy each season that comes my way. God bless each and everyone!