County Line – Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. John and Jo Stephens came by on Tuesday. I had several trick or treaters Wednesday. Family that came by were Donna, Keith, Melanie, Macee, Quin, Megan, Bryse, Chase, Dallee, Emilly, Dylan, Ashlyn, Challa, and Diana. Donna and Macee were here on Thurs. 

My cousin Lloyd Tate passed away this week. Donna and I went to the visitation on Sunday afternoon.

Donna and I met Megan for lunch on Sat., then Donna and I went to get groceries.

Megan and friend Albany went to Branson on Saturday evening. They had dinner with Boston Hawkins.

Juanita Kazinski, of Illinois, called me Sunday. Debra Reed called earlier in the week.

Max & Kathy Stephens and Eric Stephens visited John & Jo on Sunday.

Reece Goforth visited with family in Ava over the weekend.

Macee attended Charlee Lafferty’s birthday celebration on Saturday. 

Quin Breeding went to West Plains to a ball game with the school one night this week.