Black Jack – Carol Murdy

Our service started with the corporate reading of Psalms 100 and taking prayer requests. The adult Sunday School class studied verses 23-26 of Matthew 5. God doesn’t want our gift if a brother has something against us. The broken or damaged relationship needs to be fixed first with harmony being restored. Abstaining from strife and keeping the joy of the Lord in our hearts (for therein is our strength) is key to walking in the Spirit and being that witness for Christ. We need to be careful not to be the stumbling block for another regardless if we have done a wrong or if there was only a misunderstanding. Take time to be sure that harmony prevails.

Another’s feelings are to be as important as our own.

The youth studied about the 40-day fast of Jesus and Satan’s attempts to draw Him into sin, and then they sang.

Following our worship time, Pastor Vic Murdy preached from Ephesians 4 a message entitled “Walk Worthy of Your Calling”.  Many are called but few are chosen.  Why?

It is God that calls you toward salvation. He has a destination in mind for you (heaven) and a destiny designed to get you there.  That pathway is your calling, that which He designed for you to do.  Many choose to drop the walk after salvation, considering that to be effort enough and then continue to live as they are.  Nice, decent people who drift back to their former choices of living for self and not God.

Accepting salvation is choosing to let God have His way in our life, letting Him be boss without complaining or murmuring, but in trust of His love for us.  He is all knowing and wants only good and perfect things for us. (Jeremiah 29)

God gave His only begotten Son to die on the cross for all sin, yet many treat this grace of God as a light thing, thinking it enough to accept Him as Lord and Saviour but not let Him live His life through you that others might be saved as they see you walking in the calling God designed for you. Our Christian walk either leads others to Christ or blocks their way to Him.  Jesus said, “why call me Lord, Lord and not do the things that I say?”   God is gracious to forgive us of our sins when we fail and ask Him to,  Psalms 37 and Ezekiel 3 ensures us that we are not utterly cast down when we sin, but that all righteousness is forgotten when we do unless we repent of sin.

Salvation is not a license to sin.  It is a commitment to obey God’s word. Paul wrote that when he was a child he thought as one; but when he became a man (knowing the truth and no longer like a child going to and fro), he acted as one.  Verse 17-22 of the text cautions all not to walk as the other gentiles because we are saved!   Christ is in us! He lived as man on this earth to show us how to live like we should.

Put off the old man and be renewed by the renewing of our minds.  It is in the mind that sin has its beginning.  Philippians 4:8 tells us how to keep our thoughts godly, although without charity, it is all in vain.  (1 Corinthians 13)

We can no longer depend on politicians and officials taking care of our wants and needs for many there are about power, prestige and money.  But we can always be taken care of by God if we follow His Word.  It is time to take salvation seriously.  It is a lifetime commitment to and with God.  It is our life and how whether we live for God or not will make a difference in another’s life.  A stone tossed into the water will make ripples.

All are welcome to our service beginning at l0:00 am Sunday mornings.

A fellowship meal will follow.  November 4, 2018 Brother Nathan Humbyrd is our guest speaker and will lead a healing service.  Pastor Murdy can be contacted at 4l7-543-3659.  Let there be a Jesus seen in you that all the world may see.