Black Jack – Carol Murdy

What a chilly Sunday, this November 25, 2018, but an awesome day of worship at Blackjack Church.  Sunday School followed our opening scripture of Psalms 107 and prayer requests.  The adults continued their study of Matthew 5 discussing the encompassing meaning of the commandment not to commit adultery. Beyond the sexual implication of the flesh, it also included the thoughts in our minds which leads to sinful acts.  Jesus taught that if our eye offends us (leads us to sinful thoughts or behavior),  we should pluck it out.

This was not about maiming our bodies, but a point made that we should do what is necessary to refrain from sinful thoughts or acts. Philippians 4:8 sets before us examples of things to think about to keep our minds pure and holy and negate the influences of imaginations.

The youth began memorizing the Ten Commandments and talked about their lesson of Jesus and Peter walking on the water.  They sang a song before Pastor Vic Murdy began his message from Hebrews 9.  Pastor Murdy  addressed the need for  the church as a whole to return to their first love, to return to having a love for God. Before modern conveniences, people purposed  to keep the sabbath, gathering together to worship God, traveling by horse,  buggy or afoot.  With  warm and faster transportation, church attendance has decreased and with it our  desire to show our love for God. God established the seventh day to rest  our bodies, but also  to spend time appreciating and worshiping Him, keeping the day holy.

Hebrews 9 explained the requirements of sacrifices under the law for sin offerings each year on the day of Atonement. Sins had to be remembered for the appropriate sin offering to be made. With the New Covenant of Grace, God declares He will not remember those sins covered by the blood of Jesus. Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice, died once for all sin for whomsoever would acknowledge  and accept it and follow Him in God’s ways. He is our High Priest and our advocate before our Father having lived daily for 33 plus years without sin that He might be the willing sacrifice for all sin. We cannot live perfectly before God, but we are to live holy and pure before Him. This lifestyle is a choice  made from the heart  and not accomplished through works. It is our Father who calls us to come unto Him, to repent. He gives us  a window of opportunity to receive Him. Please take that opportunity when He calls before He takes your refusal as final as there will be a time when He will not offer you life eternal with Him again.

Feel free to join us Sunday mornings at l0:00 am for service.  Pastor Murdy can be reached at 4l7-543-3659.  Our church events are posted on Facebook.  God gave us life that we might worship Him on earth and return unto Him in Glory at the end of this life.  He gave us choice to love Him or not. He does not want to live eternally with those who do not.