Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

Darlene Sorensen visited with her parents, Don and Doris Taschner, in St. Louis this weekend, returning to Ava in time for the Sunday evening services at church. Her parents have had serious health issues during the past year, but are now doing so much better. 

Norma Stillings attended the Veterans Day Memorial Service at the Ava Cemetery, Sunday afternoon. It was cloudy and cold and not so many people were there, but it stirred memories of uncles, brothers-in-law and sons who served in the military. Some served during wars, but all of them served to provide a line of defense for the freedoms we still enjoy. 

I am grateful for people like my uncles Don Putnam, Ivan Rogers, and Elby Bench each of whom served in World War 2 and for several years afterward.  Uncle Clinton Kidd also served in World War 2, but he got out soon after the War. Uncle Herbert Putnam and Uncle Kenneth Borders  served in the 50’s, and some cousins and brothers-in-law served in Korea and Vietnam. 

During the 80’s my sons, Tom and Don, each joined the Marines. They did not serve any combat time, but I felt that peace time readiness was still a line of defense that was needed. But when the rifles were fired and Taps was played, Sunday afternoon, it was Adrain Owen that I thought about. How we miss him. 

Some of the Bethany Baptist Church women took “birthday cakes” over to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Monday afternoon for their monthly Birthday Party. 

Norma Stillings sang a special song, Sunday morning before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his message on “God at Work in Our Behalf.”

Some lost people may think that they do not need God to work on their behalf, but they do. God has provided a way for lost people to be saved. It is not possible for any of us to find our way to God by our good works or by religious rituals, but by the way of the cross. God has said in his word that if we will repent of our sins and call upon his name, we may be saved. The Bible says that there is no other way. 

Some Christians may also think that they do not need God’s direction and help in their daily lives, but when they come to a fork in the road and cannot see the way, remember that God knows the way. If we ask he will show us the way. Like a good shepherd, God has promised to take us to safety in peaceful landscapes with access to the tree of life. He can make the darkness light around us while we walk the earth until that time. He can straighten the crooked places, and bring down barriers, but we need to be diligent in prayer and in the use of the quick and powerful word of God.