Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

November 5, 2018. Norma Stillings generally goes to the MOCH Wellness to work out or attend the Agility Class on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. She has been doing a “fitness workout” for years, believing that aerobic exercise and working out on machines is the key to having energy and good balance. 

Norma made visits at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Thursday morning and made reports that evening. She went back to Heart of the Ozarks on Saturday to play the piano and do some more visiting. 

Debra Bohnstedt drove down Saturday afternoon and helped her mother, Norma, sort out some of the dishes, glassware, and other things that Norma has accumulated over the years.  Debra took some boxes and bags of things. Norma still has a lot of things to pass down to the family or donate to some worthy cause. The idea is to “down size” rather than to build on another room to hold more “things.”

Norma has a lot of pictures and keepsakes that were handed from her parents that need to be identified, sorted, labeled to go to this or that family member, or discarded. This takes a lot of time. She has only gotten started.  

Darlene Sorensen sang, “Someone’s Praying For Me,” before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his message, “The Church in Prayer.” 

The church has a commission to go out near and far to win souls. This can only be done if the effort is supported by prayer. Prayer in the early church occurred anywhere members assembled. Prayer was being made in the home of a believer “without ceasing” for Peter while he was being held in prison under heavy guard waiting for his planned execution the next day. Peter was sound asleep, chained between two soldiers. The next thing he knew an angel came, the chains fell off, he was escorted out into the streets and he went to show himself to the people who had been praying for him. They were surprised, it cannot be said that theirs was a prayer of faith, but God honored it. 

If we want to be effective in prayer we need to be persistent and focused in purpose. Jesus had told the disciples that they would receive power to be witnesses when they obeyed his command to go out to the entire world, but in order for us to be successful we must pray. God will do the saving if we will do the praying and going.