Arno – Hellen Blakey

Last Monday morning, I had 1/2 of an inch. Friday, after it quit raining, I had .8 of an inch. Last Monday, I took my news in, filled up with gas, got some groceries, and I baked bread that day.

Last Tuesday, Lakota, Tevin, and  Adrian got here at noon. Lakota had an appointment to have her hair done. Tevin and Adrian stayed with me, so when Lakota got back I cooked for us.

Wednesday, I baked my pumpkin pie for Thursday. Mark and James took one home with them and the other one I took to Monica.

Thursday morning, I headed down to Monica’s, and before I got to the Elk Ranch, there was a herd of sheep on the right side of the highway, grazing, so I stopped at the first house on the left side of the Highway and told them about the sheep and they said they would find out where they go. I drove on down to Taneyville and on to Monica’s. Those eating with Monica and Joel were his mom, Lucy, and me.

Turkey, ham, and all the things that go with it. After dinner, Joel took his mom back home and Monica and I visited until 4:30, then I headed back home. 

When I passed over the bridge at Brown Branch and I started up the hill, there was a deer standing on the side of the road until I went by. I have had that to happen two times before and I always thank the Lord for holding them still until I passed by. 

Sunday morning the sun was shining so I went to church. Bro. Charles’ message came from Isaiah 11:1-5, 10. His thought was “Wait.” It was about the rod that came out of Jesse. 

Let’s keep all our sick folks in our prayers. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one. Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men, and women in the services, and their families and the ones in training.