Arno – Hellen Blakey

Last Tuesday, I went to town and took my news in, went by Clinkingbeard and viewed Ike Rhodes’ body, and visited with Florence Clinkingbeard while there.

I went over and visited with Charolett Bock and Mike; then I went by Tom Williams’ before coming home.

Mark dropped by later.

Wednesday, I had .3” in my rain gage. Thursday all together that day I got 2.6”; Friday, I had .1” more. Sunday morning I had .7” more.

Wednesday night, my trick or treaters were Sherry Blakey, Kelsey Seaborn, Bentlee and Maddi, Trae and Kendra Shelton, Finley and Sloane, Johnathan and Annie Blakey, Alexia, and Owen, Justin and Tara Coonce, Jett, Haven and Canyon. I got pictures of them. Lakota sent me a picture of Adrian in a pumpkin and J.K. sent me one of Lincoln as a dog. All I need now is the twins and I will have all 15 great grandchildren on my phone.

Jamie came by Thursday.

Friday I went by the bank, the store to get  a phone card and money on my gas card, filled up with gas, then I went and got some groceries.

James and I went up early Saturday before noon to J.K. and Brittany’s in Rogersville for little Lincoln’s second birthday.

Those present were great grandparents Fred and Carolyn Bobe and Hellen Blakey; grandparents Kent and Sheila Sturgeon, James and Kristie Blakey;  uncle Mason Sturgeon, aunt Tara Coonce, Jett, Haven, and Canyon, aunt Kendra Shelton Finley and Sloane, aunt Lakota, Reid, and Adrian.

Brittany served refreshments first then Lincoln opened his gifts. Then we sang Happy Birthday and ate his cake.

Papa James got him a basketball goal and everyone tried to make a goal. So did I, but it took a few times before I made a goal. Brittany got a picture of me, I heard.

Bro. Charles’ message Sunday came from Hebrews 4: 1-6, 9-10. His main thought was Rest; it was a very good message.

I took Jaycee Merriott her birthday card after church before I went home.

Let’s keep our sick folks in our prayers. My prayer and sympathy goes out to the Lloyd Tate family, Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall, the Ray family, and all the others that have lost a loved one. Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families, and the ones in training.