Wasola – Theta Nokes

Thy word is very pure, therefore thy servant loveth it. Psalms 119:140

They had a late birthday party Saturday for Zoe Shull at her grandparents home, Ralph & Dana Brazeal. Zoe was 11 years old on Sept. 23rd. The guests were Tiffanee Satterfield, AnnaBelle Johnson, Howard and Ella Faye Mitchell, Zamber and Colt Little, Wyatt and Liviya Wharton, Dara and Howard Strong, Brayden Landsdown, Tafi Adams, Marti Yost, Eli Shannon, Billie Satterfield and Dana Smith.

We have been blessed by God with a lot of rain. It’s cooled down and we started the wood stove. Hope everyone is ready for the cold. 

If we do only what we feel inclined to do, some of us would never do anything. Are you seeking great things for yourself instead of seeking to be a great person?