Smallett – Margaret Rosseau

Sunday morning service was opened with music and hymns and prayer. 

Trae and Kendra Shelton each read scripture then Kendra sang some beautiful songs. 

Brother Evans brought a short message about Baptism. Then we had the pleasure of seeing three people getting baptized. 

It was a beautiful day for the Gladetop festivities. 

We are saddened by the passing of good friends, Charolett Sewell  and Art Goss. 

Delmar and I took a little road trip on Monday. We drove down in Arkansas to Mammoth Springs then on to Jonesboro, where we ate lunch. We then drove on over to Batesville where we stayed the night. On Tuesday we drove to Mt. Home, where we visited with my niece, Carolyn Wages. We then drove to Gainesville, Mo. where we enjoyed lunch at a local cafe. 

We spent part of Friday with my three girls, then we went to Seymour and met my cousins Howard and Donna for catfish lunch. 

I have been pretty busy getting ready for a craft show. I am already getting orders for Christmas Candy. 

Until next week, remember to enjoy each day as if it is your last.