Red Bank – Alice Lirley

Hello everyone.  I do believe that the month of October must have arrived on wings because it seems to be flying by in a hurry.  Gary and I both couldn’t fathom the fact that we are now well into the last two weeks of this month.   We are happy that the weather has continued to stay on the  mild side.  But, we know that Old Man Winter is sure to let us know that he has arrived.  Being ready is  what it takes to win, at least, half of the battle that he might present.

The Worship service at Red Bank Church was opened with the singing of hymns, led by Jake Hampton.  Gary Lirley gave a warm welcome to members and guests.  It was announced that plans are being made to work on the outside of the Church building and some more cleaning will take place on the inside.  There is always much to be done in taking care of one’s home and it is even more so with one’s Church home.  We should be diligent to take care of what God has allowed us to have and use for our good and for His Glory while we are living on the Earth that He created especially for us.  He also gave us the  responsibility to take proper care of that too.  

There have been many on our prayer list lately.  We need to keep lifting each other up in prayer because Jesus promised in Matthew 21:22, “ And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”  A very important word in that Scripture is, BELIEVING.

Jeane Huff sang special music.  She also sang as she played the offertory music.  

Bringing the morning message was Gary Lirley.  The subject of the message was Prayer. Prayer is the most important tool one can depend on to manage all the woes that will certainly come throughout one’s life time.  In Matthew 6:9, Jesus taught those who were sitting on the mountain side listening to His every word that when we call upon Him we should always address Him as our Hallowed, Heavenly Father.  Gary told of how his father was always letting him in on some very special instruction from time to time.  Things like, “Don’t go with a girl you wouldn’t want to marry:  Birds of a feather flock together: Always be an honest man: And, make sure that your wife is, forever, your best buddy.”  God, being our wonderful,  loving, and most powerful Father, spent the rest of this Scripture, mentioned above, giving sound advice to the Children He loved.  Read them for yourself.  In most Bibles they are written in Red.  Like Gary said about his father’s advice, “ Even though, at that time I didn’t quite understand all the things my father took the time to tell me, I am so happy that I treasured his words and tried hard to follow them.  Likewise, our Heavenly Father’s words should be treasured and followed.  They were given in love and in absolute truth.

Last week was our Church’s monthly Praise service.  Most of Jeane Huff’s family surprised her by coming to share in our special evening of singing praises to the Lord.  They had been together that day celebrating several of their families October birthdays. Her son, Danny Hampton, picked up a guitar and he and Jeane, with her on the piano, accompanied several songs sung by their family members and for all of us during the congregational singing that was led by Jake Hampton.  Eloise Hallmark and her daughter, Miranda, also sang some beautiful selections.   Before we dismissed for a delicious fellowship meal, Danny called for a circle prayer to lift up our Church, our Country, and for those who are suffering through the dangerous storms that have caused so much flooding.  Many have not only lost their homes, but they have also lost some of their loved ones.  We need more young men who are willing to stand up for God’s Word and with an unwavering belief that Prayer to our Heavenly Father changes things.

Those visiting with Maxine Lirley last week were, Jeane Huff, Gary and Alice Lirley and Ralph Laughlin.  Jeane likes to fix Maxine’s hair, doll her up in a pretty outfit and take her to hear some special music that is presented nearly every day  at the Healthcare Center, and especially on Sunday.  I took Maxine to hear the Haden family sing the  other day and I could hear Maxine singing the gospel songs before I could find a good spot for her to sit and listen.  She didn’t need a song book; she knew them by heart.  I’d like to say that the Haden family does a great job of singing gospel songs, some of which were written by Brother Haden, himself.  Judy Smith, Maxine’s youngest daughter, makes sure to write her mother as often as she can because Marshall, Mo. is too far to travel very often to visit with her.  Maxine looks forward to those letters.  Judy called and talked with Gary Lirley, her brother, the other evening.  I think they talked for over an hour.  She knows that she is in for a lot of teasing when she talks to him.  Gary has always loved to tease and aggravate his two sisters.   I think they have learned to enjoy his silliness.  I know I have; about 60 years of it.  

I got a call from our daughter, Mitzi.  She broke her ankle recently and has had to stay off of it for about three months.  The doctor had to put five screws in her ankle area so that it would grow back more normal.  She called to mainly tell me that she had taken three steps without a crutch the other day.  She was so thrilled.  She has to go through some intense therapy yet before she will be able to go back to work.  She can’t wait.

That’s all the news for now  Take care.  “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5: 16).